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Zoe Laverne Talks TikTok, Negativity And Taking Accountability

Although the controversy around the nineteen-year-old TikToker Zoe Laverne has slightly subsided over time, her uploads keep reminding everyone of her troublesome personality over and over again. This time around the TikTok community is miffed with the influencer’s newly uploaded set of rant videos suggesting that her fandom (and the whole platform in general) has become very toxic. What’s going on in Zoe’s life, and why has the social media personality turned off her comments section? Keep on scrolling to learn more!

Addressing The Ridiculous Amount Of Negativity On TikTok

Zoe kicked off her TikTok rant by addressing the increasing level of negativity she and other creators have experienced since joining the video-sharing platform. The controversial influencer shared with her following, and we quote:’ The amount of negativity on this app is ridiculous. I think a lot of you need to like think how your words can affect someone. You don’t even know these people. You don’t know their story. You don’t know anything about them. You just judge off of what you see, and it’s pathetic.’

Laverne also added that the negativity targeted her way made her become a ‘monster’ online even though she’s not even close to that in real life. This seemed to have annoyed her followers as Zoe had seemingly implied her viewers are the reason behind her questionable actions and/or words on social media.

The outspoken TikToker’s full rant video can be seen below:


instead of hating on someone, EDUCATE THEM, HELP THEM, help them MOVE FORWARD. this generation is awful. 🤍

♬ original sound – Zoe LaVerne

Zoe Explains Turning Off Her Comments Section

Not long after Zoe’s first TikTok rant was uploaded on February 2nd she turned off her comments section for the clip in question. When asked about disabling her comments, Laverne explained, and we quote:’ I turned my comments off for the last video. That’s because a lot of you guys didn’t understand the concept of the video. Instead, you used the things that I’ve said and/or done in the past against me just to make me look even worse. And that is the problem here.’




♬ original sound – Zoe LaVerne

She then continued by saying that instead of bringing other people down, we should focus on educating them and helping them on their way to becoming a better version of themselves. Although Zoe was desperately trying to put a positive message out there, her words ended up being turned against her.

Her fans insisted that even though they have been trying to educate Zoe for years, the influencer never listens or turns off her comments section to escape the problem. See what Laverne’s followers had to say regarding her random TikTok rant below:

Zoe’s Following Was Quite Upset About The Influencer Blaming Them For Her Actions

The Influencer Calls People Out For Using Her Name For Clout

Regardless of being told off by her own fans, Laverne carried on with her rant by posting a third video talking about how people are always using her name for clout. Having said that, no one in particular was called out for doing so.

The TikToker pointed out how important it is to spread positivity online by saying, and we quote:’ Do something good with your platform. Posting videos trying to put me down… Here’s the thing. None of you really know what happened.’

Zoe continued by admitting that the police had to get involved in her and Connor Joyce’s situation. ‘ I’m pretty sure that if I was a threat to children or if I groomed him, I would be in jail. I kissed a minor, and it’s awful. But I got help and took accountability for it,’ told Laverne when referring to her kissing the thirteen-year-old boy on camera for the whole world to see.



♬ original sound – Zoe LaVerne

Has Zoe really taken accountability for her past mistakes concerning her and Connor’s relationship? And should the problematic TikToker be the one to give advice to others on the platform? Tell us what you think in the comments section!

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