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Zoe Laverne And Dawson Day Expecting After Two Months Of Dating

Zoe Laverne (19) AKA the self-proclaimed queen of Tik Tok has shocked her following once again by announcing that she might be pregnant! Yes, you heard us right, and it’s only been eight days into the new year! What’s going on in the controversial Tik Toker’s life and why are people accusing Zoe of fighting while possibly pregnant? Make sure to keep on reading – we have all the juicy facts ready to be revealed!

Experiencing Common Pregnancy Symptoms

The pregnancy rumors started rapidly spreading when a video of Zoe saying that she might actually be pregnant went viral on the internet. Zoe’s name was even trending on Twitter at one point after people started sharing the video in question. The news came as a massive surprise to Laverne’s following as Zoe and her new boyfriend Dawson Day (20) have only been officially dating since Dec of the year 2020. See Laverne addressing her pregnancy rumors below:https://www.instagram.com/p/CJmaaJHnnuW/

From what we can gather from Zoe’s and Dawson’s social media accounts, Laverne has been allegedly experiencing loads of common pregnancy signs. Although the Tik Toker hasn’t yet specified the exact pregnancy symptoms that she has been suffering with, the Tik Tok community is already speculating regarding her pregnancy and coming up with different baby names.

Zoe also addressed the topic on her Instagram stories saying and we quote:’’I didn’t think I was gonna have to address this, but no I’m not for sure I’m pregnant yet. I’m having loads of symptoms though, and I’m waiting to see if I miss my period.’’ She also added that she’ll keep everyone updated as soon as she has any more clarity on the subject.

Dawson Addresses Girlfriends Pregnancy On Snapchat

The curiosity of Laverne’s fans regarding her rumored pregnancy also managed to reach Zoe’s current boyfriend Dawson Day. Dawson took the opportunity to answer a few of Laverne’s fans most burning questions via his Snapchat account (@dawsonday_1).

Naturally, people were mostly interested if Zoe’s pregnancy is, in fact, viable. Dawson was super chill while addressing the issue and revealed that he is still unsure if Zoe is pregnant. He also touched on him sticking by Zoe and supporting her all the way through if the pregnancy rumors do actually come true.
Dawson Replying On Snapchat Regarding Zoe’s Possible Pregnancy

Zoe Caught Fighting And Acting Childish On The Street

And with the pregnancy rumors comes further Zoe Laverne drama! Around the same time when Zoe’s possible pregnancy was first announced a video emerged of the influencer getting involved in a verbal street fight. The video was uploaded to Chloe Hensel’s Tik Tok account (@chloeehensel) four days ago and has caused loads of negativity targeted Zoe’s way. Watch the clip in question below:https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMJWs21XE/

People were also quite surprised with the way Laverne was acting during the particular video. Comments such as ‘’Who Does She Think She Is’’ and ‘’She Literally Thinks She’s A Celebrity’’ were directed Zoe’s way. Her fans also called the influencer out for acting childish and super inappropriate for an expecting nineteen-year-old girl.

Zoe’s Supporters Label Her Possible Pregnancy As Fake

Even though some of Zoe’s fans were delighted with her announcement and wished her nothing but happiness, the rest of the internet was not having it. People were confused about why the Tik Toker chose to reveal the news in the first place when she hasn’t even missed her period yet. Her pregnancy rumors were also labeled as fake on Twitter. See what else the Twitter community had to say regarding Laverne’s pregnancy statements below:

Fans Label Laverne’s Pregnancy As Fake On Twitter

What do you think of Zoe Laverne’s possible pregnancy? Is the nineteen-year-old social media personality really making this up for clout? Share your opinion in the comments section and don’t forget to keep up with our ‘Influencer Updates’ section for more Zoe Laverne related articles.

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watch video : https://www.instagram.com/p/CJmaaJHnnuW/


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