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YouTuber Rachel Ballinger Finally Addresses Those Breakup Rumors On TikTok

Rachel Ballinger during a YouTube videos
Rachel Ballinger during a YouTube videos

YouTube personality Rachel Ballinger has been giving viewers a look into her everyday activities for the past six years. Though Rachel is known for her humorous vlogs and light-hearted videos about her life, she apparently likes to keep her dating life private. Yet, fans of the 29-year-old YouTuber have begun to speculate that she and her longtime boyfriend Matt ended their relationship.

Did Rachel Ballinger And Matt split up? Fans Think So

In December 2020, Rachel’s sister Colleen posted a TikTok video, which prompted fans to speculate that the YouTuber and Matt ended their romance.

In the video, it said “put a finger down if you broke up with someone this year,” and fans noticed Rachel beginning to move her finger down before laughing and exiting out of the picture.

Immediately, fans began to question the content creator about the specifics surrounding her rumored breakup. Now, Rachel is not afraid to spill the tea on what’s been happening post-split.

In one video posted in late January, Rachel tells the camera: “I have not talked to my ex in over a month. We broke up in September and I have not talked to this man in over a month. I have tried because we were intertwined for eight years,” she begins.

Rachel begins screaming, apparently out of annoyance that Matt has not responded to any of her questions. One being canceling the subscription to some items because she doesn’t have the login details and is paying for it on her credit card.

“I haven’t talked to him in over a month. I checked my credit card statement today. He is using my credit card to buy groceries and gas,” she yelled at the camera. “The audacity!”

Watch Rachel’s TikTok video she made about Matt by clicking on the link below:


Though Rachel has largely stayed quiet about her relationship and the specifics surrounding their split, fans immediately responded to the influencer’s statements about her ex beau.

“Oh girl, I always wondered what happened between you guys. I’m so sorry, but cancel that card,” one person commented. Another fan wrote, “I’m so glad you got to keep the dogs. I don’t know if he tried to take them but I’m glad you will have them because you’re an amazing dog mom.”

This fan posted, “Y’all were very private about your relationship. I’m proud of you for speaking out.”

Overall, Rachel’s followers showed an immense amount of love for the single YouTube personality. Yet, seeing as she was incredibly private when it came to her dating/love life… don’t expect a vlog about the specifics of why they decided to call it quits

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