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YouTuber Logan Paul Set To Fight Boxing Champion Floyd Mayweather

Ever since Logan Paul set foot into the boxing ring in a widely-publicized boxing match against fellow YouTuber KSI, the YouTube star has been itching to get back into the ring.

Since the creator was finally deemed as the loser of the face-off, after the original face-off resulted in a tie, Logan has been non-stop calling out former athletes and celebrities to fight him in the ring.

Now, it seems Logan got what he wished for, but is he in over his head?

Of all the people the YouTuber called out for a fight, not many believed that the reigning champion Floyd “Money” Mayweather would be the one to finally accept the proposal of Logan.

Both Floyd and Logan took to Twitter to reveal that a “super exhibition” match will take place between the two fighters in February 2021.


An exhibition boxing match will featured between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul

Credit : The Independent, Google

It’s to no surprise that the fight will bring in millions of viewers, but how much money will Logan likely make facing against Floyd?

How Much Money Has Logan Netted Through Boxing?

It’s no secret that both of the Paul brothers have had their eyes on boxing as their next business venture. Jake(Logan’s younger brother) even stated in an interview with Forbes that, “We’re just at the start of where this potentially could go,” citing Floyd as one of the highest-paid fighters out there.

In Logan’s first professional boxing match against KSI, it’s believed that the influencer netted $900,000, although it’s unclear, the final numbers are assumed to be much larger.


KSI and Logan Paul during their second boxing match

Credit : Tubefilter.com, Google

The fight between the two YouTubers sold millions of ticket sales, and if you count the ad revenue from all the videos and diss tracks Logan created and published leading up to the fight, he likely walked away with more than enough to rectify his loss.

While his younger brother, Jake, recently won against ex-NBA star Nate Robinson by knockout, Logan’s fight against Floyd will be his first time publicly stepping into the ring since his loss against KSI.

No specific Numbers Have Been Released For The “Super Exhibition” Fight

While there’s no doubt the two fighters will be cashing out with big checks from this fight, no specific numbers have been released for either fighter.

Considering Logan has been challenging Floyd to this fight for months, mostly to Floyd’s dismissal, the promised payout is likely expected to be large for each fighter.

Floyd tweeted about Logan’s proposal for a fightback in November and said, “These YouTube girls better find some Barbie dolls to play with cause I’m not the one for the kid games. Three years ago a fighter from the UFC said my name and I had to put a muzzle on that b—h. @loganpaul can get some treatment before I go conquer Japan again.”

The exhibition fight will be available to watch through pay-per-view on Fanmio, and the first million viewers will only pay $24.99 for a ticket, though the price will automatically increase on Feb. 11th to $69.99.

Both fighters will get a portion of the pay-per-view proceeds, but the numbers are yet to be released.

This fight is an exhibition match, and even though both fighters will profit from it, it will not be recorded on either fighter’s professional fighting record.

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