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Don’t Worry, There’s No Drama Between YouTube Sensations, Zoella And Tanya Burr

Zoella & Tanya together in a YouTube video
Zoella & Tanya together in a YouTube video

Friendships like the one between Zoella and Tanya Burr were extremely common during YouTube’s heyday. The creators, who were part of a larger community of British YouTubers, regularly appeared on each other’s content and capitalized on the envy of their friendship from viewers.

As the years have passed, online and in public, Zoella and Tanya have made fewer appearances together, leading some to assume they had a fall out. Are they still friends, or is there drama between them?

Are Tanya And Zoella Still Friends?

The pair continuously made appearances on each other’s platforms at the height of Zoella and Tanya’s popularity on YouTube, working together and making vlogs of their hangouts. Together, their videos would comfortably pull in hundreds of thousands of views each, and the relationship seemed to be carried off-camera.

The pair produced less content together as the years progressed. Although you used to be able to go and see them hanging out on one of their social media, now they barely post together.

But there is really no hint that their relationship is over, considering the obvious lack of material coming from their interactions. They still follow each other online and also like posts from each other, so it’s obvious they still love each other.

There was some talk that after Tanya and her longtime husband, Jim Chapman, split, the two may have called their relationship off, but even then, Tanya and Jim said they were both on good terms.

“[Jim and I have] been best friends for 12 years, [but] people will want some drama from it,” Tanya told The Telegraph. “We’re always going to be in each other’s lives, hopefully.”

Despite concerns that they had a falling out, there seems to be no bad blood between Zoella and Tanya, actually. Although their relationship might not be as public as it used to be, they are certainly not feuding and fans have no need to worry about any drama between them.

What happened To YouTube’s British crew?

It’s not just Tanya and Zoella who haven’t been publicly hanging out in a while, it’s a lot of the community actually. This very famous group of friends also included Jim, Alfie Deyes, Marcus Butler, Caspar Lee, Fleur De Force, and Louise Pentland, but as the years progressed, together they made a lot less material.

But when they’re not plastering their time together for viewers on their vlog sites, the community of friends still remains intact. In reality, in an interview in 2019, Louise personally admitted that there was no drama inside the party.

“People think there’s a lot more drama than there is,” she told Metro. “We do all talk but it’s progressed from this very online showing every aspect of our relationship and [collaborating] to just being people who are friends.”


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