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xQc’s Fourth Time Being Banned From Twitch Platform

YouTuber and Twitch streamer xQc has one of the largest following on the streaming platform(Twitch) with over 4 million followers and streams almost any type of content from reaction videos to participating in gaming competitions. However, in later November 2020, xQc got banned from Twitch for the fourth time in his streaming career.

The Twitch streamer, whose real name is “Felix Lengyel“, has been a Canadian gamer on the platform since 2014 in Twitch’s earliest days. He started with just 23 viewers by streaming League of Legends, and has since grown his platform into the millions, making him a ton of money along the way.

Through his streaming career, he made some shady videos, and some even shadier gaming moves.

xQc Got Banned For Cheating

Most recently, xQc took part in a Fall Guys tournament as part of GlitchCon and cheated during his gameplay.

In the tournament, xQc competed with a team and the prize money was $11,000 per team member of the winning team, so even though xQc was out of the game, he needed to figure out a way to win, and against Twitch’s guidelines, xQc stream sniped to cheat in an attempt to win.

According to GameRant, stream sniping is “a practice that has grown alongside the expansion of streaming and YouTube. Snipers watch streamers play a game online and use that information to join the same game with the goal of either assisting or foiling the streamers efforts.”


xQc taking a selfie for his IG platform

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In this portion of the game, xQc had been eliminated and joined the game as another character, he grabbed the opponent, and then jumped off the map to kill his team’s competitor.

This is strictly against Twitch’s guidelines, so xQc did get banned by the platform. According to xQc, he’s received a seven day suspension from streaming on Twitch. However, he’s banned from Twitch Rivals events for six months and will also have to forfeit his prize winnings from GlitchCon(although that shouldn’t affect his networth that’s estimated at several million dollars).

This Isn’t xQc’s First Ban On The Streaming Platform

xQc has been suspended several other times from the platform, three other times to be exact, but none for cheating. xQc was first suspended for watching a sexually suggestive video in 2029, which goes against Twitch’s community guidelines. His second suspension was in February 2020 for streaming a pornographic video, and his third suspension happened in June 2020 for streaming a video of gorillas having sex.

Click here to see Twitch Rivals reaction after xQc was caught cheating:

xQc Went On Twitter To Apologize Before Getting Banned

xQc went on Twitter and tweeted an apology saying that he “thought it would be funny,” and many of the streamer’s fans agreed that it was. Although a one weeks suspension on Twitch doesn’t seem long, several of his fans are upset to go so long without their favorite streamer.

xQc tweeted, “Stop defending my everywhere for no reason. We got into the final game with @DrLupo and @shroud’s team. We shouldn’t of done it and it was wrong. I’m sorry for my actions. I thought it would be funny. It did not change the outcome but it was still malicious. Sorry.”

Click here to see xQc’s apology on Twitter:

An old tweet by xQc was brought up, saying, “If you cheat or try to gain unfair advantages in video games you are an insecure trash person and it’s probably why you fail at other fields,” fans stood up and defended the streamer, claiming that he wasn’t trying to cheat, but instead just to make the boring game more fun to watch.

But, not everyone founded it funny. His competitor during the game, Michael “shroud” Gzesiek, said that, after the incident, all his respect for xQc is “quite literally gone.”


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