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Why has TikTok Star AmandaLee Fago, better known as Aunt Amanda been cancelled?

With over 2.6 million followers on TikTok, AmandaLee Fago has been cancelled by her fans after attending an endorsement party for Donald Trump. Amanda did a live stream at the party and the live stream went immediately viral with her fans kicking off.

Amanda has a verified blue tick TikTok account with a bio that reads, “A Queen, Mom, ur favorite TikTok Aunt” with a bunch of flags including a rainbow one that follows.

A question on many fans minds: Why has Aunt Amanda been cancelled?

Aunt Amanda was left shocked for being cancelled by her TikTok fans after attending and live streaming a party where they celebrated Donald Trump.

Amanda is just a normal mom who lives in New Jersey, but she gained a massive following base on Tiktok with over two million followers and fans fell in love with her for her advice, recipes and personality.

She was given the nickname “Aunt Amanda” by her fans because when they needed advice or comfort, they could turn to her in times of need.

With election results dawning closer and closer fans turned to Amanda in need of her advice and comfort, however she left many fans stunned after seeing her attending and live streaming from a MAGA 2020 party, endorsing Donald Trump.

In the live stream which can be found on Twitter, Amanda can be seen attending a party with guests wearing Trump Logos on their outfits as well as a room that is decorated in Trump banners.

Fans immediately picked up on her surroundings shortly after she went live. Fans attempted to cancel her and in response to the comments she said, “This is not my livelihood, this is for fun.”

Aunt Amanda endorses Trump.

Amanda makes TikTok videos in her spare time and has a full-time career as a nurse. She told her fans she wouldn’t be casting a vote but revealed on Tuesday, November 3rd, thT she decided to cast a ballot.

She said in her most recent TikTok, “I didn’t want to be a part of everything [voting] came with and everything that these two represent,” while talking about teaching her son not to hate people for their differences.


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