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Why Did Millie Bobby Brown Delete Her TikTok Account?

Is the reason Millie Bobby Brown deleted her TikTok account because of an Android phone? Twitter users certainly think so, and to be quite honest, Stranger Things have happened.

Around the same time Millie said on IG that she realized that “surrounding yourself with positivity is the happiest way of living,” social media users noticed that she deleted her TikTok account on the Sunday, of Nov. 29th.

She added, “No hate and only love. Remember to be kind. Thank you.”

Was Millie Bullied For Using An Android Phone?

“Can’t believe some people bullied Millie Bobby Brown to the point [where] she deleted her TikTok account, just because she has an Android phone,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another user wrote, “Millie Bobby Brown deleted her TikTok account because y’all bullied her for having an Android? What in the Apple brainwashing is this?

And a third Twitter user expressed empathy towards the actress and wrote, “Millie Bobby Brown deserves better, though… She’s a teenager. Honestly, I hate TikTok. It’s so toxic and hateful. Like, no one on social [media] knows the concept of kindness.”


Millie taking a picture of herself when she was on vacation

Credit : @milliebobbybrown, Instagram

This Isn’t The First Time Millie Deleted One Of Her Social Media Accounts

The Stranger Things actress deactivated her Twitter account in 2018 in response to trolls who posted memes portraying her as a homophobe.

At the time, Vox’s Alex Abad-Santos addressed the “homophobic Millie Bobby Brown” meme and wrote that the meme “only succeeds because of how absurd it is, how pristine Brown’s celebrity image is.

He continued to say, “The clear falseness of the meme, the fact that it is an obvious exercise in absurdity, makes it possible to compartmentalize the joke of a homophobic Millie Bobby Brown from the actual Millie Bobby Brown.

[But] Brown is still a young actress in her formative years, and if the reports are accurate and she deactivated her account because of this meme, she’s clearly uncomfortable with its existence and may not feel that same compartmentalization.”

After Millie deleted her TikTok account, one Twitter user referenced the same meme and wrote, “Dear anyone who bullied or bothered my queen Millie Bobby Brown, I hope you’re happy with yourself. Millie just quit TikTok due to the overwhelming hate, comments on her phone quality, and homophobic ‘jokes’, which aren’t even funny, [and are] just plain rude.”

Forget About The Social Media Drama, Millie Has Enough To Keep Herself Busy

News broke in September 2019, that Millie and her sister Paige Brown was teaming up with Netflix on a film called “A Time Lost“. According to Deadline, the story follows two Long Island Families whose long-simmering feud erupts when a teenage daughter from one of the families is diagnosed with cancer.


Millie Bobby Brown at the Screen Actors Guild Awards event

Credit : Hollywood Life, Google

The actress signed a contract in July 2020, to executive-produce and star in an Netflix film adaptation of the book “The Girls I’ve Been“, which tracks a con artist who tries to get herself, her girlfriend, and her ex-boyfriend to safety during a bank hostage situation.

And on Nov. 11th, Deadline reported that Millie would executive-produce and star in the fantasy film “Damsel”, playing a princess who thinks she’s marrying a prince but realizes she’s being sacrificed to a dragon.

Millie has been part of a lot of social media drama and criticism throughout her acting career, but that didn’t stop her from landing some big and exciting acting roles.

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