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Who’s The Rising TikTok Star Behind The ‘Washington Post’ Videos?

With social media growing at an exponential rate everyday, many companies have tried to take a piece of the social media pie. We’ve seen many come and go(anyone remember Google Plus?), and others have been surprising hits.

With TikTok being a relatively new platform on social media, compared to Twitter or Facebook, the general audience is quite different from other social media platforms.


Dave Jorgenson during a TikTok video that he made

Credit : @davejorgenson, Google

The app is normally used by people that’s 25-years-old and younger, and a lot of brands find it difficult to break through onto the platform. However, there’s a rising star on TikTok that proves that some of the oldest brands can also make an impact. Meet the ‘Washington Post’ TikTok guy, Dave Jorgenson.

So, Who Really Is Dave Jorgenson And What Is His End Goal With TikTok?

Many wondered and questioned in the beginning whether TikTok was going to be a useful tool for brands and journalists. The apo us typically for younger people to share their take on the latest viral dance moves. However, some brands are creating a space for themselves and the Washington Post is one of them. The Washington Post has broken into the scene and has become a surprising favorite.

Dave is a video producer for the Washington Post and has dived straight into the TikTok platform since started working there. Dave oversees the Washington Post’s TikTok strategy, which as of mid-November 2020 has 773,000 followers and has accumulated 27,1 million likes, reaching a whole new audience, according to Poynter.


Dave during a photoshoot for his IG feed

Credit : @dave.jorgenson, Instagram

He told Poynter in 2020, “I mean, it’s just crazy, huge, untapped audience of teenagers.” His videos are only 15-seconds long and take on a dad-like personality mixed with his humor. Dave stated that his character, who is inspired by his own dad, has helped keep the younger audience interested in his material.

He takes popular and trending videos on TikTok he sees populating on the For You Page and puts a slight spin on them to fit their brand. In one of his videos, he recreated the popular “choose your video game character” video and introduced TikTok to his colleagues.

Watch Dave’s TikTok video about “choose your video game character”

In another popular video idea Dave founded, he converted it into a brand-appropriate video where there are different steps written on stairs. For the Washington Post, he had the steps: “Report the news,” “Conduct interview,” “Talk to a source,” and “Pitch a story” and instead, jumped right to the top where it said, “Make TikToks.”

In over a year, his personality has grown exponentially on the platform, and he’s been able to keep the Washington Post front-of-mind even during the COVID-19 pandemic where he’s been quarantined at home alone. In the videos he often uses humor to talk about serious issues related to the coronavirus.

And that’s the hope for the company and for Dave. Using TikTok, to make their brand become a part of its culture and to be something the younger crowd can relate to and trust.

Dave told Insider, “You can’t really talk about YouTube without mentioning some of the users that are on it, or creators, rather, because those creators are part of what makes YouTube’s personality. We want to be part of that TikTok personality.”


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