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What’s The Real Reason Behind Logan Paul And Josie Canseco’s Break Up?

Relationships are tough and not all are meant to last, even if it’s relatively new, especially if you’re famous and the public eye is 24/7 on you.

After only a few months being together, Logan Paul and Josie Canseco have ended their relationship. The YouTube sensation accidentally let the news slip and now fans are wondering whether they called it quits or did something else happen that led to the break up.

Keep reading to find out the real reason for the split between the two.

So, Why Did Logan Paul and Josie Canseco Break Up?

According to reports, Logan Paul and Josie Canseco, daughter of former MLB player Jose Canseco, were first spotted together at the start of 2020. The pair went together to the Rose Bowl Flea Market after Josie broke up with her long-term boyfriend, Brody Jenner, in October of 2019.


Image of Logan Paul and Josie Canseco that shows that they have broken up

Credit : YouTube, Google

Logan told Entertainment Tonight that they were quarantining together and spending a lot of time with each other. He later confirmed that they were, in fact, an item several months later.

It’s just me, the bird, a couple of homies and a girl, “Logan said during a video chat with Entertainment Tonight. When he was asked if he was quarantining with Josie, he simply replied, “Yeah.”

At the time, they both sounded very happy and not only were they spending a lot of time together, Logan even claimed that he and Josie were “pretty serious.” Many fans felt that their relationship was for the long haul, and not something temporarily.

However, on Nov. 24th, the 25-year-old YouTube star said that he and the 24-year-old model had officially called it quits. He may have accidentally let the news of their break up slip out of his mouth when he was talking on his podcast ImPaulsive.


Logan Paul during his celebrity boxing match against YouTuber KSI

Credit : The Sun, Google

“It might come off a little odd, these exchanges I’m having with women who aren’t my girlfriend,” he said before adding, “ex-girlfriend.”

He said, “I mean, I didn’t really plan – it’s hard. We’ve had the conversation ‘How do you tell the world it’s over’.”

He continued to say, “I’ve always really valued the privacy of my relationship because my life is already pretty public so I don’t feel like either Josie or myself needs to give an explanation if we don’t feel like it.”

Watch the full video of Logan Paul during his podcast talking about his relationship with Josie by clicking on the link: https://youtu.be/iW3y2TXXJLY


As the conversation went on, Logan alluded to having “a relationship that is so much in the public eye.”

He explained, “It was a special time for both of our lives. It just didn’t end up working out.”

Even though Logan didn’t want to go into any details on why the two broke up, and with Josie being pretty quiet about it as well, it sounds like there may be some stinging feelings.


Josie Canseco posing for a photo at the UCLA event

Credit : Hollywood Life, Google

A few days after Logan announced his and Josie’s break up, he supported his brother, Jake Paul, in a celebrity boxing match over the thanksgiving weekend. Logan’s brother, Jake, knocked out NBA star, Nate Robinson, and many people were talking about it on social media.

Watch the video clip of Jake Paul knocking out Nate Robinson by clicking on the link: https://www.instagram.com/p/CIKVhtupTMn/

Including Josie Canseco’s dad, Jose. The former MLB player took to Twitter and wrote, “I will fight anyone of the Logan Brothers they have enough for anyone with any type of talent yet or fighting skills.”

It’s unclear whether or not Jose offering to fight has anything to do with his daughter, although it’s hard to imagine it doesn’t. Logan’s response to his tweet was… well, gross.

“no problem,” Logan wrote in a tweet response to Jose. “i love smashing cansecos.”

Jose replied to Logan’s tweet by saying, ” Okay since you like smashing Canseco Logan get ahold of my agent Mike Maguire let’s get this done. Logan Paul our fight will be definitely way more entertaining than the tyson fight cuz at least we know one of us is going to get knocked out.”

Jose added, “By the way Logan Paul I’m a huge fan of Floyd Mayweather maybe if you take this fight I’ll have him train me then you’ll really be in trouble.”

As things stand at the moment, it doesn’t seem that Logan and Josie would be getting back together anytime soon.

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