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What Kind Of Illness Does YouTuber, MrBeast Have?

The YouTube culture is expansive, and some content creators concentrate on watching clickbait vlogs or “exposed” dramatic images. Others, including David Dobrik or MrBeast aka Jimmy Donaldson, have widened their channels to worthy or unsuspecting individuals through filming giveaways.

Although MrBeast also posts stunt and prank videos, in each of his videos he is best known for offering prizes worth upwards of six figures.


Photo taken of Mr. Beast for his IG feed

Credit : @mrbeast, Instagram

He continued to keep his videos fresh by going from challenge videos to scavenger hunts to competitions to the ways he gives out the cash. In almost all of his videos, the 22-year-old has given out a prize over the years. He’s generally considered one of the top contributors to YouTube.

MrBeast has a fairly unrivaled network with a whopping 48 million subscribers. While many envy his career, he has also been facing some health problems.

What Kind Of Illness Does MrBeast Have? He Shared Awareness Of Crohn’s Illness.

Mr Beast has sporadically discussed his long-term struggle with Crohn’s disease since entering YouTube in 2011 to post video game material. It is an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) that most frequently affects the colon at the end of the tiny intestine.

When he was in ninth grade, he was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. MrBeast said before his diagnosis that he got sick almost every day, that he had constant pain, and that he had lost 30 pounds in a single summer.

Afterwards, he was placed on medication that helped him to feel much better in combination with an altered diet.


MrBeast during a photoshoot for his IG feed

Credit : @mrbeast, Instagram

Crohn’s disease affects more than three million Americans, according to ChronsColitisFoundation.org. For those with the condition, it is most normal to diagnose it in early adolescence or between the ages of 20 and 30.

In 2015, in “What Is Crohn’s Disease?????” Mr. Beast addressed how he is affected by digestive problems.

“Crohn’s isn’t the worst thing ever,” he shared. “There’s people who have way worse diseases… There are worse things than Crohn’s out there, which is sometimes why I’m a little bit hesitant to talk about it or complain about it.”

There are many Crohn’s disease forms, and when he consumes those triggering foods, MrBeast is most affected by it. He shared that he gets “unbearable” pain when he consumes one of these things.

Watch the full video of MrBeast addressing his illness by clicking on the link below:

His diet is fairly limited because of this.

Furthermore, he gets tired more quickly. The biggest change he has made, though, is in terms of what he will eat.

“You have to eat certain foods every single week of every single year. It gets really repetitive, but you have to eat those certain foods so your stomach doesn’t get all messed up and you’re not in constant pain 24/7,” he said. “It’s a small, strict diet or at least mine is. It’s different for everyone.”

He added that his restricted diet often made it difficult for him to get together with his mates, since meals were always the subject of their interactions.

How much is the value of MrBeast for 2020?

Although MrBeast spends a great deal of time giving money away in his videos, he has managed to amass a large net worth. While many individuals his age are only graduating from college, having their first jobs, or paying off student loans, MrBeast has accrued from his YouTube career an estimated $6 to $8 million.

MrBeast has many endorsement deals, apart from vlogging and monetizing his views.

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