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What Happens When Brent Rivera Mentions His Ex To Pierson Wodzynski

Let’s just start by saying, who doesn’t have a serious obsession with the lovely #BRIERSON couple? They’re young, cute and super relatable. Pierson Wodzynski (aged 21) and Brent Rivera (aged 22) are two of the most widely recognized Tik Tok stars, who have earned their massive popularity by doing funny Tik Tok videos together.

Who’s The Odd One Out?

#BRIERSON might be trending right now, but some of Brents most passionate fans can’t seem to forget the name #BREVA. #BREVA relates to Rivera’s last, serious relationship with another TOP Youtube star who goes by the name of Eva Gutowski (MyLifeAsEva). Although the couple split up over a year ago, they have remained very close and refer to each other as best friends forever.

Eva Is Still A Big Part Of Their Lives

But what happens when Rivera brings up his ex in a conversation with his current girlfriend Pierson? The cute couple shared a funny video on Pierson’s Tik Tok account. The clip clearly shows their fans that Eva is still around and isn’t going away any time soon. In fact, Pierson and Eva seem to be nothing like your regular pair of ex-girlfriends – they seem to like each other – a lot.

The Most Awkwardly Hilarious Tik Tok Clip

The video in question has already reached 2.5 million views and shows Wodzynski and Rivera having a casual everyday chat when Brent suddenly mentions his ex – Gutowski. What happens next is even more awkward to look at. With the stroke of a magic wand (close, but not really) Eva makes her appearance from under Brent’s kitchen worktop and makes her way over to Rivera to not just hug him from behind but literally climb on his back.

The video is more than just hilarious, you most definitely need to check it out for yourself –


uhhhh😳😳 @mylifeaseva @brentrivera

♬ original sound – that redacted guy

Who needs funny memes when you got #BRIERSONEVA? Yes, we just made that up!


uhhhh😳😳 @mylifeaseva @brentrivera

♬ original sound – that redacted guy


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