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What Happened To TikTok Star Jake Fuller On MTV’s ‘Catfish’?

Catfish is one of MTV’s hit series where the presenters of the show follows individuals around who developed relationships online, but never met in-person. The show helps a person who is seemingly their authentic self to track down their online lover who is disguising their real identity using false pictures, names, social media profiles, and etc.

Catfish gives these people the opportunity to finally meet face-to-face so they can find out who is actually behind the screen.

During the Nov. 11th episode, fans saw social media influencer Jake Fuller’s experience with being catfished by a girl he met online. So, just what happened between the 19-year-old social media star and the girl he met on IG named “Taylor“?
It looked like the both of them were a bit deceitful in their intentions.


Jake Fuller taking n photo for his IG account

Credit : @itsnotjakefuller, Instagram

So Just What Happened In The Episode Of ‘Catfish’ That Featured Jake Fuller?

The TikTok star decided to reach out to Nev Schulman and Kamie Crawford when he grew suspicious of a girl he was talking to on social media. According to Jake, “Taylor” would cover her camera whenever the two of them would FaceTime and also stated that “Taylor” would ghost him numerous times.


Jake Fuller during a photoshoot for is IG account

Credit : @itsnotjakefuller, Instagram

When Jake’s suspicions grew larger and larger he wanted to find out who was actually behind the camera so he asked for help.

At the end of the episode, Jake founded out that “Taylor” was a fake identity and met the real person behind the pictures, Amanda. Amanda told Jake and the Catfish crew that she was never good at making friends and was bullied in High School, so she reached out to influencers like Jake to have “cool” people talk to her.

But, Amanda was not entirely at fault when it came to the situation. She revealed that she paid Jake money, which he without hesitation accepted. The TikTok star has also asked “Taylor” to send him food to his house. Amanda stated that she did feel used by Jake throughout their digital friendship.

Nev also admitted that he suspected Jake for knowing that “Taylor” was catfishing him, but decided to go along with their online relationship because of the gifts he was receiving.

After facing one another and confronting each other, Jake apologized for accepting Amanda’s gifts she sent him and agreed that both of them should stay friends. The tv series Catfish followed up with Jake and Amanda two months later, revealing that the two of them had FaceTimed each other after the show.

Watch the preview of the Catfish episode that featured Jake Fuller by clicking here.

Who Is The TikTok Star, Jake Fuller?

While it seems that Amanda deleted her “Taylor” account, Jake continues to build his status as a social media influencer. Jake currently has more than 1 million followers on the TikTok app, the teen is well-known for his lip-sync videos and comedic style.

Jake is currently attending the University of Tennessee, but continues to keep his followers entertained with new content.

After the Catfish episode that featured Jake aired, he posted on his IG Story, writing, “Oh my God, that was literally a year ago. I’m a completely different person now. Who let me say any of that?”

Well, I’m sure the TikTok star has gained a few more followers on his social media platforms after being featured on one of MTV’s hit series Catfish.

If the show sounds interesting to you, watch new episodes of Catfish on Wednesday at 8p.m. ET on MTV.


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