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We All Wear A Mask But Lilly Singh Does It Best

Lilly Singh aka Superwoman posted a short video clip over on her Instagram account (https://www.instagram.com/lilly/) to cheer up her massive following of 9.5 million and show them that the pandemic might not be over just yet, but we can surely put a funny twist on it.

Not Your Typical Instagram Video

In the video the 32-year-old Youtube star is holding a mask that literally looks like the exact prop used while filming the movie ‘’The Mask’’ with Jim Carry in the leading role. And of course, Lilly’s creative imagination and superb video editing skills go far beyond your regular Instagram video post. What she does next will make you go WOW !

A Must See Transformation

She proceeds by putting the mask on her face and literally embodies the bold green-tinted character of the old but widely beloved anti-superhero comedy film released in 1994. Yes, this super cool transformation is something you don’t want to miss out on!

Lilly Singh To Replace Jim Carrey?

We must admit that Lilly’s acting skills are as ever top-notch – the girl knows what she is doing! She even adds more excitement to the post by commenting: ‘’If there is ever a ‘’Mask’’ remake I want in it!’’ Her fans went wild under her post and one comment, in particular, stood out the most: ‘’Lilly to replace Jim Carrey, the comedy king himself? Why not? I’d dig that!’’

To see Lilly’s interpretation of the braggy nineties anti-hero click on the link below –

Meanwhile, be responsible and take Superwoman’s advice – be careful, keep your 2-meter distance and #WearAMask to stay safe!


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