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Under-Eye Bags, Per TikTok, Are Cool Now! Users Use Makeup To Create Dark Circles

Well, there seems to be another new TikTok trend going viral that’s got us scratching our heads…

A popular social media space for users to share “hacks,” DIY videos, tips and tricks, and trends, has become the Gen Z platform. While TikTok has become a great tool for skincare and beauty gurus to share fast trade secrets or highlight the season’s newest makeup trend, the script on beauty rules has been completely flipped by one specific viral trend.

Users of TikTok following the Under-Eye Bags trend Hold the concealer, as the next big makeup trend in 2021 is apparently under-eye bags! Yes, I’m serious. While many of us are constantly trying to cover up our tired eyes or purple-ish tones, which seem to be a permanent fixture on our faces, the under-eye trend is telling individuals to improve the “tired” look.

Keep reading to find out more about TikTok’s under-eye bag trend and why the biggest insecurity of many individuals has now been considered trendy on social media.

Apparently, TikTok Makes Under-Eye Bags “Cool”

It’s finally our chance to shine for those of us who have desperately tried to cover up our inherited eye bags with three separate concealers, foundation, powder, and every other beauty trick that has circled the internet.

People are now taking darker colors and drawing on under-eye pockets, instead of tracing over under-eye areas with a lighter base to get rid of them.

YouTube video of James Charles embracing the Under-Eye Bags trend

TikTok user @sarathefree posted a video of herself intentionally using a dark crayon to give the appearance of an under-eye bag, although it is unclear who initially started this trend. Since then, the video has received over a million views, and more people continue to hop on the under-eye bandwagon.

Watch @sarathefree’s TikTok video that sparked the Under-Eye Bag trend by clicking on the link below:


♬ Greek Tragedy (Oliver Nelson TikTok Remix) – The Wombats

Twitter Is Reacting To The New TikTok Makeup Trend: Under-Eye Bags

People took to Twitter to share their opinions of the new beauty fad after some TikTok users started posting videos of themselves drawing on fake under-eye bags to give a more tired look.

“I love seeing the new TikTok makeup trend of all these teens drawing on dark under-eye bags. Lol glad my lack of sleep and way too much caffeine is trendy,” one person wrote.

Another added, “My under-eye bags are so dark and HIDEOUS and you’re telling me people on TikTok are DRAWING THEM ON?!?!??????”

Someone else wrote, “The audacity of these TikTok girls making under-eye bags a cute trend when I’ve been spending $100s to hide mine. GTFOH.”

Yet another person wrote what many of us with under-eye bags are thinking: “There’s a new trend on TikTok saying undereye bags are hot? It’s finally my time to shine.”

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