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Tucker Doss’s Way Of Meeting His Girlfriend Is Like A High School Rom-Com Coming To Life <3

If you follow Tucker Doss on Instagram, or subscribe to his YouTube page, you can expect to see him jumping off planes, cross-country driving or biking, and traveling to some of the most fascinating destinations in the world.

Due to the photography he showcases on Instagram, the internet personality has accumulated a large following over the years.


Tucker Doss and his High School sweetheart on vacation

Credit :@tuckerdoss, Instagram

Since 2016, with his epic travel vlogs, the YouTuber has been sharing a behind-the-scenes look at his images and dazzling viewers. Tucker shares typical lifestyle vlogs, which include pranks, challenges, surprises, and some content with his long-time girlfriend, when he’s not sightseeing around the world.

Tucker Doss Met His Girlfriend At His High School When She Was An Exchange Student

The photographer has a long-term relationship with Sophie Scout, a German native who often goes by her last name. When Scout was an exchange student at Tucker’s secondary school, the pair first met in 2013. By May of that year, they had formally begun dating.

Although the two were a couple long before Tucker began his famous channel, for a long time he had not officially introduced his subscribers to Scout.

In a 2017 car giveaway video, she did make a cameo, but then Tucker didn’t share many details about their relationship.

The YouTube personality brought her on the channel in September of 2019 with a “Couple Q&A” video. The two discussed whether they fell in love at first sight.

“I saw you in the hallways and I was definitely like, ‘Oh, he’s cute…” Scout shared in the video. “But then, as soon as we hung out, I was in love with you right away.”


Photo of Tucker Doss traveling the world

Credit :@tuckerdoss, Instagram

Scout has appeared on her beau’s numerous social media accounts occasionally since her official appearance on Tucker’s platform. A passion for adventure is clearly shared by the two. The two would also fly together, which Tucker chronicled on his YouTube channel, prior to the pandemic.

Scout and Tucker are based in Los Angeles when they are not traveling around the world. The couple also has a three-year-old dog called Milo.

After Biking Across The Nation For MrBeast, Tucker Doss Went Viral

While the name recognition of someone like MrBeast or David Dobrik is not yet available to Tucker, he might soon. He’s quickly gaining followers and subscribers with the top creators of YouTube to post epic content.

Tucker biked 3,000 miles across the United States in January 2021 to meet MrBeast (real name Jimmy Donaldson) in person.

MrBeast challenged him to spend 24 hours alone in the forest until Tucker had made it. Although this is in and of itself a daunting prospect, the temperature was cold. Plus, Tucker was only able to carry with him a few things, and it was MrBeast who picked them out.

Click on the link below to see the YouTube video about the challenge MrBeast gave Tucker Doss:


While Tucker had just a bedsheet and duct tape to make it through, in the freezing cold in the woods, he managed to survive overnight.

His biggest prize, maybe, was getting the video on the trending list of YouTube, and adding to his channel more subscribers.

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