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Trisha Paytas Scared For Her Safety Due To Jeffree Star’s Ex Hairstylist

Although Trisha Paytas (32) kicked off the New Year with strictly positive vibes only, her good intentions quickly took for the worst when old drama surrounding her, Jeffree Star (35) and his crew popped up online. The influencer has posted tons of videos online addressing the situation and calling Jeffree and his little friend group out for manipulating and even money shaming her. What’s the story behind this mess and why is Paytas only speaking up about the issue a year later? Trust us – you want to sip some of this tea before it gets too cold!

The YouTube Video That Started It All Over Again

The particular story jumped to everyone’s attention when Paytas posted a video on her main Youtube channel titled ‘ Why I’m Scared Of Jeffree And HairByJay’. In the nearly twenty-three minute-long video, Trisha can be seen reacting to one of Jeffree Star’s crew members aka Hair By Jay’s Instagram Live video where he is referring to a situation that occurred on Jeffree’s last year’s Las Vegas trip to which Trisha was invited by Jeffree Star himself.

Apart from calling Trisha all the names under the sun and coming off really cruel, Jay also managed to describe the issue that somehow still appeared to be unresolved to this day. By what we can tell, Trisha was supposed to get a few wig instalments done by Jay during the Las Vegas trip, which she did end up receiving, but, here’s where the real tea comes in!

The whole trip including the wigs was being funded by Jeffree, but as Trisha just so happened to leave Las Vegas early, everything took a turn for the worst. Initially, her wig expenses were being thrown back into her face, and the whole situation just escalated from there. To learn more about Trisha’s issue with Jeffree Star’s crew member see the video below:


Jeffree Fires The Hairstylist To Prove He’s A Changed Man

It also came to light that Trisha was being subjected to bullying during the whole trip, which is why she ended up coming home early. Trisha revealed, and we quote: ‘ Yeah, I know I am insecure, but they were constantly telling me stuff about my weight, skin and the fact that I am only renting my house. Petty, mean girl sh**!’Trisha also mentioned that she could never be friends with anyone who supports Jeffree Star or anyone from his crew.

After hearing out about all the nasty stuff that HairByJay had directed her way, including making fun of her weight problems and threatening to come and get her, Jeffree finally took action and fired his hairstylist via Twitter. See Jeffree’s tweet below:


Jeffree Star Tweeting About His Ex Hairstylist HairByJay

Credit :@JeffreeStar, Twitter

Even though it seemed like the right thing to do, Twitter users weren’t too convinced about Jeffree’s good intentions saying that the influencer is only trying to save himself from bad publicity.

HairByJay Spotted Outside Paytas House In San Fernando Valley

The whole experience had visibly taken a toll on Trisha – she admitted being scared and was even seen shaking during her original YouTube video. And as if the nasty behaviour and all the name-calling wasn’t enough, Paytas then revealed that the hairstylist in question was even spotted outside her San Fernando Valley House.

Trisha posted a Tik Tok on the 16th of January showing a conversation between herself and her 24/7 security guard. To cut the story short, the texts basically show her security person recognizing HairByJay taking pictures with Trisha’s car outside her building. Watch the full TikTok video below:



#greenscreenvideo #greenscreen

♬ original sound – trishapaytas

Trisha Blocks Shane Dawson And His Fiance On Instagram

On top of being scared for her safety and well being, Trisha also had to part ways with one of her
long term best friend Shane Dawson (32) and his fiance Ryland Adams (29). It was first rumoured that both Dawson and Adams had unfollowed Trisha’s Instagram backup account (@trishapaytasbackup). Although that later proved not to be the case at all.

To clear things up, Trisha took to her Twitter account (@trishapaytas) to say, and we quote: ‘ Shane and Ryland didn’t unfollow me. Just to set the record straight – I blocked them. There’s no malice behind it, I did it for my own peace.’ See Trisha’s full statement regarding the situation below:


Trisha Paytas Tweet On Why She Unfollowed Shane And Ryland

Credit :@trishapaytas, Twitter

Fans were puzzled as to why Shane hadn’t stepped in to defend Trisha as she was the one who had his back when he was going through a very rough YouTube cancellation in the year 2020. However, most people seemed to agree with Payta’s decision to leave any toxic relationships behind her and move on with her life with fiancé Moses Hacmon (43).

What do you think about Trisha’s decision to distance herself from her long term bestie Shane Dawson and his fiancé Ryland Adams? And why are these two still supporting Jeffree Star over her? Let us know what you think!

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