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Trisha Paytas Returns To Frenemies For One Last Episode

After storming out of the previous episode of Frenemies and cursing everyone out publicly on her Tik Tok, Trisha Paytas is back on the show for one last appearance. The whole Frenemies thing is more complex than you might think with Trisha bringing her boyfriend Moses and her co-host Ethan’s wife Hila into the mess. The current situation between Paytas and Klein is far from being resolved, and that can only mean one thing – it’s time for Dr Drew to save the day!

Causing A Rift Between Ethan’s Wife And Her Brother

In case you have missed out on the latest Youtube drama, here’s a little recap of what happened during last week’s episode of Frenemies. The conversation between the two hosts was flowing pretty smoothly until Trisha decided to bring up Ethan’s wife Hila Klein (33). Ethan kindly noted that Hila had requested not to talk about her on the show due to several personal reasons.

It all went downhill from there. Paytas wasn’t happy about her not being allowed to speak on Hila saying, and we quote:’’ But I’m literally the talking point of your conversations all the time. How is that fair?’’ It also came to light that the past remarks that Trisha has made regarding Hila and her brother Moses Hacmon (Trisha’s current boyfriend) have caused a rift between the two siblings. To cut it short, the podcast turned out to be a complete mess!

The Most Embarrassing Thing Caught On Camera

After storming off the set and swearing to never talk to Ethan or his wife ever again, the controversial podcast hosts reunited this week for one last episode titled ‘’The Fate Of Frenemies With Dr Drew’’. In the video, Ethan described the unfortunate event as their biggest, baddest and most dramatic fight to date.

Trisha herself continued by saying and we quote:’’I think it was a meltdown. I kinda spiralled a little bit with all the videos I made about you guys afterwards. It’s probably the most embarrassing thing I have ever done on camera.’’ Even more embarrassing than Trisha’s ‘’Do Dogs Even Have Brains?’’ video apparently.

watch : https://www.tiktok.com/@trishlikefish88/video/6906982112210046214


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Dr Drew Is Back To Mediate The Conflict

The 14th episode also featured Drew Pinsky, otherwise known as Dr Drew (62). Pinsky was assigned to try and mediate the intense conflict between the two co-hosts. According to his knowledge, Trisha’s experiencing something very similar to splitting behaviour, which means that she is basically unable to hold opposing thoughts.

Paytas is known for repeatedly addressing her mental health and even has admitted to hearing creepy voices in her head on her Tik Tok account recently. This got her supporters worried about Trisha avoiding therapy sessions again as the influencer did touch on her mental problems getting progressively worse over time.

Drew Pinsky, otherwise known as Dr Drew

Should Trisha just take a break from social media and concentrate on fixing her own issues before attacking other people on camera? Leave your thoughts in the comments section, and don’t forget to watch the very last episode of the Frenemies podcast here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jByWaMDVF1w&t=618s.

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