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Trisha Paytas Is Engaged To Moses Hacmon

She said yes! In an Instagram post on Dec. 26, controversial YouTube star Trisha Paytas revealed her engagement to Moses Hacmon. “WE’RE ENGAGED!!!!!!!! Ima be a wifeyyyyy future Mrs [Moses Hacmon]. MERRY CHRISTMAS WE DID IT [sic],” Trisha posted on her social media backup page.

Trisha captioned another set of engagement pictures in a follow-up post: “So I got proposed to while I was in cosplay (which is iconic) but couldn’t wait to get glam and get my nails done and take engagement photos as us so 2 days later we were on a beach, still on a total high, that WE ARE GETTING MARRIED ily @moses hacmon so so much.”

Who is Trisha’s fiancé, then? To find out about the net worth of Moses and more, keep reading!


Trisha Paytas was dressed up for cosplay when Moses Hacmon asked her to marry him

Credit : @trishapaytasbackup, Instagram

What Is The Net Worth Of Moses Hacmon?

Moses is an Israeli artist worth an estimated $600,000, allegedly. After the influencer attended her co-host Ethan’s Bachelorette-esque dating show to help her find love, Trisha and Moses began dating.

Although the two reportedly had a turbulent relationship, Moses raised to the occasion and popped the question.

He captioned a slew of Instagram pics, “She said Yes @trishapaytasbackup #engagement,”

Previously, Trisha Paytas and Moses Hacmon’s Sister Had Been Feuding

When dressed as Princess Jasmine from Aladdin, the notorious influencer was proposed to, but Trisha’s relationship with Moses was obviously not always a fairytale romance.

Trisha was involved in a feud with Hila Klein, the sister of Moses, who is currently married to Ethan Klein, the popular YouTuber.

Click here to see Trisha and Moses’ engagement photos

Earlier this month, on their podcast Frenemies, Trisha had a fight with Ethan and stormed out shouting that she “hated” Hila.

The Internet celebrity described her behavior in a 45-minute YouTube video. She said, “My behavior at the end was horrible,” adding that she apologised to the couple.

“I have apologized to both [Hila and Ethan] directly, but also I just thought I should make this to just kind of end on my end… I am truly sorry that it escalated to that. I am truly sorry,” she said. “I went for the low blows, and it feels awful, but it happened and there’s no excuse.”

Huh! Yikes! Is it possible to say #FamilyDrama?

Fans Respond To The Engagement Ring Of Trisha Paytas.

Fans took to social media to respond to her proposal following the news of the 32-year-old’s imminent nuptials. One fan wrote, “We love you Trisha, take it easy, enjoy the ride, the moments, don’t rush, we all hope this time it all works out like you have always dreamed of,”

Another fan wrote, “So extremely happy for you. You deserve all the love in the world.”

Another person posted, “Trisha I may not like you but Congrats!!!!! Your past relationships have been awful and toxic but you finally found someone who loves you!! YAY!!”

But someone else doubted the sincerity of Trisha, writing: “I hope this is all real. They just started dating this year and all those fights and breakups prior to this…. this is what happens when you’re the QUEEN of trolling.. you don’t know what’s real anymore.”

What do you think? Should Trisha and Moses have waited before getting engaged or do you think their feelings for one another is authentic?


A photo of Lance Stewart proposing to Julia Summer

Credit : @trishapaytasbackup, Instagram

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