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Trisha Paytas Continues To Shade Shane Dawson Across Social Media

Since finding out that Shane Dawson (32) has been talking behind her back for years, Trisha Paytas (32) has engaged in what seems to be a never-ending social media rant. Even though the influencer has pretty much cut all ties with Shane and his fiancé Ryland Adams (29), she still continues to shade the pair across different media platforms. What’s the newest regarding their strained relationship and why has Trisha labeled Shane as the spawn of Satan in one of her recent TikTok videos? Keep on reading – we’ve got all the tea!

The Most Toxic Person Award In Trisha’s Life Goes To…

Although Trisha has once again claimed to be taking a break from all social media, her TikTok account is flooded with freshly uploaded videos. Most of her posts are focused on her current situation with long term friend Shane Dawson and his fiancé Ryland Adams.

In case you’re late on the drama, Paytas has recently discovered that Shane and Ryland have been talking behind her back for years. This occurred after her scandal with Jeffree Star (35) and his now ex hairstylist Hair By Jay was brought to everyone’s attention.

Trisha revealed that her latest discoveries, including lost audio files and secret text messages, have led her to believe that Shane is the most toxic person she has ever met in her life. No surprises there!

In addition to that, Paytas also went as far as calling her ex-best friend the spawn of Satan! The influencer said, and we quote:’ What I realized was that he’s literally the spawn of Satan talking sh** about me for twelve years. Well, at least five! Who knows what else he’s made up lies about. My STD’s?’

Trisha’s full TikTok video on the situation can be viewed below:



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Shading Shane’s Taking Accountability YouTube Video

Paytas also managed to throw shade at Shane’s last YouTube video titled ‘Taking Accountability’ which dates back to 27th of June last year. The influencer told her following and we quote:’ These people just go by their lives, brush over, sacrifice the people around them and they never actually take accountability. They don’t learn. They don’t get it.’

Paytas also added how she’s ashamed to have blindly defended Shane through his rough YouTube cancellation of 2020. Furthermore, she continued by saying how this particular situation has had more effect on her than any of her previous boyfriend issues combined, referring to her messy breakups with YouTuber’s Jason Nash (47) and Sean van der Wilt (41).

Trishas TikTok upload explaining her feelings regarding Shane being unable to own up to his actions can be seen below:



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Trisha Calls Ryland Adams A Little Spotlight Loving Weasel

Paytas also appeared to have a problem with Shane’s fiancé’s response concerning the whole situation during his and his co-hosts Lizze Gordon’s (25) ‘The Sip’ podcast. The pair addressed Trisha’s accusations on their latest episode titled ‘Dealing With Addiction’ which aired on the 20th of January (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gi6a5VZXqwA).

Although Adams expressed nothing but love and support towards Paytas, the social media personality wasn’t having any of it. Instead, Trisha touched on Ryland’s two-faced characteristics. Paytas said, and we quote: ‘That little weasel was so happy to have a tiny little spotlight, a tiny little shine on him. He couldn’t wait to talk about it. I don’t need a little Ryland weasel in my life.’

Trisha’s full statement describing Ryland’s role in the whole scandal can be found below:



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Fans Not Awaiting Dawson’s Allegedly Planned Social Media Return

The chain of the latest events also had its consequences on Trisha’s following. Most people sided with Trisha and indicated feeling quite grossed out by both Shane’s and Ryland’s actions behind the influencers back.

Some of Trisha’s stans even spoke on the alleged YouTube return of Shane Dawson saying that nobody is ever welcoming him back on the internet. Phrases such as ‘We don’t want him back’ and ‘Shane is cancelled after being cancelled while taking a break from being cancelled’ were posted under Trisha’s TikTok uploads.

See what else people had to say about Shane’s alleged comeback below:
People Expressing Their Feelings Towards Shane’s Alleged YouTube Comeback People Expressing Their Feelings Towards Shane’s Alleged YouTube Comeback

Are Shane and Ryland ever going to take full accountability of their behavior behind Trisha’s back? And should Trisha just accept their apologies and move on with her own life? We want to hear your opinion in our comments section!

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