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Trisha Paytas Banned From Instagram For Promoting Her OnlyFans Account

Trisha Paytas has had one busy year(2020) between the controversy she stirred up with Charli D’Amelio and Gabbie Hanna (besides her latest engagement!).

But Trisha recently had her Instagram account banned, wiping her account and all of her images, despite the creator’s long-lasting platform on the internet. This is the first time that a big social media site has banned Trisha.


Photo of Trisha Paytas when she was part of her engagement photoshoot

Credit :@trishapaytasbackup, Instagram

Instagram has different rules and guidelines to govern the content on its website, but one of the few famous accounts to receive the banhammer has been Trisha’s.

Why Was Trisha Paytas Banned From Instagram?

She’s also an OnlyFans creator, in addition to Trisha’s lucrative YouTube channel and other flourishing social media accounts. As a forum for creators to make adult content, OnlyFans has grown in popularity, and many turned to it during the COVID-19 pandemic as a way to make ends meet.

For some time now, Trisha has been producing content on the web, but her longtime fans know she’s been selling adult entertainment as part of her brand even before she launched her OnlyFans.

Before her OnlyFans, via her sites, Trisha also sold access to her premium Snapchat, where she would share and sell NSFW images and videos.

Basically, scandalous and NSFW material has long been synonymous with Trisha’s brand, and those who follow her know this.

But Instagram has not always been consistent with how it reacts to creators advertising for sale their OnlyFans and other NSFW content, and this seems to be why Trisha’s Instagram has been deleted.


Trisha Paytas during her engagement photoshoot

Credit :@trishapaytasbackup, Instagram

Trisha announced on Dec. 21 that her account had been disabled for 30 days, though she disclosed in a TikTok a week later that it was permanently deleted. She said in a video on her YouTube channel that she was warned by the site not to advertise her OnlyFans until Instagram disabled her account, and claims she had taken down most of her previous posts about it.

Watch Trisha’s TikTok she made when she founded out that her IG account was permanently removed from the platform:


Follow my ig backup @ TrishaPaytasBACKUP


Trisha is not the only creator who is expected to have her Instagram removed for her OnlyFans promotion. After taking a hiatus, Belle Delphine, who made a striking return to the internet, had her Instagram deleted for using it to advertise the content on her OnlyFans.

Watch the short YouTube video Trisha made addressing the removal of her primary IG account by clicking on the link below:

Is Trisha Going To Return To Instagram?

It’s uncertain at this point if Trisha is ever going to get her original account back. Trisha had more than two million followers before it was deleted.

Trisha has told her followers to follow her backup Instagram account, @trishapaytasbackup, both in her YouTube video and on her TikTok account. Her backup account has more than 152,000 followers at the moment.

“Life goes on. Life will continue,” she said on YouTube about her account getting deleted. “I’m the happiest I’ve ever been right now, so it’s really not bothering me.”

In the YouTube video, Trisha also admitted that she would no longer use the platform to promote her OnlyFans, and seemed unbothered in her video by that.

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