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TikToker Runs Out Of Hairspray And Uses Gorilla Glue Instead

It’s been a while since the TikTok community has been shaken because of someone’s impulsively terrible decision-making skills. Well, that time has come! A TikToker named Tessica Brown (40) recently shared a video of her explaining her super slick hair situation, which she’s been trying to get rid off for over a month now! Long story short Tassica used the ultra-strong Gorilla Glue Spray to keep her hair in place. You can probably already tell what happened next!

Gorilla Glue Spray Creates A Stiff Helmet Around Tessica’s Head

Tessica Brown, otherwise known as @im_d_ollady on TikTok, shared a sixty-second long video on February 4th telling her followers what happened after she replaced her hairspray with a bottle of Gorilla Glue Adhesive.

The forty-year-old TikToker tried to explain the situation online by saying and, we quote:’ My hair has been like this for a month now. When I do my hair, I usually like to finish it off with this Got To Be glue spray. You know, just to keep it in place. Well, I didn’t have any more of that Got To Be glue spray so I used the Gorilla Glue Spray instead.’

Although it’s unclear why Tessica chose to replace her favourite hairspray with a multi-purpose spray adhesive, her video has gone viral literally overnight! The particular upload has now reached a massive 8.8 million views and has turned Tessica into a modern-day TikTok superstar!

Further down the video, Tessica also mentions having washed the hair for fifteen times already to hopefully loosen the bond. Needless to say, the washing didn’t do much to help Tessica’s permanent cartoon-like hairstyle to go away.



Stiff where????? Ma hair 🤬🤬

♬ original sound – Tessica Brown

Trying To Hold Her Tears Back While Applying Shampoo

After seeing the enormous interest that people were expressing towards her difficult yet amusing hair situation, Tessica uploaded another clip demonstrating how the shampoo she’s using is not cutting through the thick layer of industrial super glue.

Her follow up video is nearly heartbreaking to watch as Tessica is clearly struggling to hold her tears back while wiping the shampoo off of the top of her head. ‘Watch. Look. You wipe it off, and nothing happens. Like this is the life I guess I’m going to have to live,’ she added in an unmistakably desperate tone of voice.



It don’t move I hate it here

♬ original sound – Tessica Brown

Gorilla Glue Official Hurries To Give Tessica Valuable Advice

Furthermore, Tessica’s call of despair finally reached Gorilla Glue Official’s TikTok account after a few hours passed since her 2nd upload. The brand tried to reach out to Tessica via her comments section and suggested she gives rubbing alcohol a try.


Gorilla Glue Official Commenting Regarding Tessica’s Situation Regarding Their Glue

Credit :@im_d_ollady, TikTok

While Tessica’s followers are eagerly awaiting an update on her current stiffer than steel hair situation, suggestions on how she could loosen the glue bond are coming in non-stop. Here’s what a few observers had to say:


People Suggested Tessica To Use Either Rubbing Alcohol Or Even Paint Remover

Credit :@im_d_ollady, TikTok

How long will it take for Tessica to get rid of her cartoon-like shiny helmet? And will you be following her journey via her TikTok account? Tell us in the comments section – we’d love to hear what you think!

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