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TikTok’ Willy Wonka Exposes A Fan For Spreading False Narratives Online

TikTok’ Willy Wonka, aka the twenty-year-old Utah born social media personality Duke Depp, has recently got his name involved in a heated TikTok controversy where he is being blamed for lying and not acknowledging his fans. The online scandal in question has been going on for days, and it seems like the well-known TikToker has finally had enough. What’s been going on in Willy Wonka’ life? And why hasn’t the influencer been able to resolve this issue privately? There’s a lot to say about this topic, so buckle up and get ready for the drama!

Spamming His Live Streams And Spreading False Information

Willy Wonka posted an out of the ordinary video on his TikTok account (@willywonkatiktok) on February 25th, claiming that another TikTok user going by the name of @itsautumntiktok is spreading false narratives about him online.

‘’ Hey guys, I wanted to try and resolve this situation privately, but sadly that isn’t an option anymore. This girl has made multiple videos spreading false narratives and information about me, and I just want to set the record straight,’’ said Duke while addressing the struggles he’s been recently faced with.

The mega-popular TikTok personality continued by saying, and we quote: ‘’I never reported her account. I had no issues with her videos. What did get under my skin was the fact that she would send her fans to spam things in my live stream chats.’’ The creator also added it’s not just his Willy Wonka account that has been affected by Autumn’ actions, but his personal Duke Depp accounts as well.

The main reason why Duke felt the need to come forward and set the record straight once and for all is the fact that some of Autumn’ videos have seemingly indicated that he doesn’t care about his fans.

Funnily enough, Autumn has identified herself as one of Wonka’ biggest supporters before this whole TikTok drama. Due to that reason, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly why she felt the need to go after her idol and make him look bad online in front of millions of people.


please don’t send hate her way

♬ original sound – Willy Wonka

Wonka Adds Actual Screenshots To Prove His Point

In addition to his verbal explanation of the whole situation between him and the self-proclaimed Mrs Wonka, Duke supplemented his video by adding screenshots of the conversation between him and Autumn. See one of those screenshots below:

Willy Wonka Posts Screenshots To Prove His Point
Willy Wonka Posts Screenshots To Prove His Point

As you can tell by the image provided above, it seems that Duke and Autumn appeared to have had some sort of disagreement previously regarding Duke’ commenting on one of her videos. Regardless, the reason why Autumn is currently creating videos dressed up as Mrs Wonka and seemingly exposing him for shady things he’s allegedly done in the past remains unknown.

On top of that, Duke was clearly not fond of Autumn’ decision to keep posting videos where she can be seen dressed up as Mrs Wonka.

Autumn Responds And Talks Being Depressed

Shortly after Duke’ video was posted, Autumn decided to respond to his accusations against her by uploading this to her TikTok account:




♬ Call me – 90sFlav

In the video, Autumn claims that everything Duke has said about her is pure lies. She also touches on how the whole drama has affected her mental state. Furthermore, she explained having difficulties dealing with the constant hate comments coming from Wonka’ fans.

‘’He made a video about me just because he was getting backlash. Y’all do really believe everything big influencer tell y’all,’’ wrote Autumn to highlight her point of view.

Mrs Wonka Talks Being Depressed
Mrs Wonka Talks Being Depressed

Fans Confused With Mrs Wonka’ Fan Behaviour

The particular issue between the two TikToker’ is clearly more than just reporting profiles and spreading false information. According to Wonka’ fans, Autumn has done everything she possibly could to attract the creator’s attention and gain some recognizability of TikTok herself.

Phrases such as ‘’It’s crazy how you’re famous just because of him’’ and ‘’ He’s literally the reason why you hit 2.4 million followers’’ were written next to Autumn’ response video. See what others had to say regarding the situation below:

Fans Asking Mrs Wonka To Let The Drama Go
Fans Asking Mrs Wonka To Let The Drama Go

What are your thoughts on the beef between the self-proclaimed Mr and Mrs Wonka? And which one of them is more likely to be telling the truth? Make sure to share your opinion in our comments section!

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