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TikTok Star Ondreaz Lopez Gets Confronted By Mom Of 14-Year-Old

Twitter users express shock and dismay at TikTok stars and brother’s, Tony and Ondreaz Lopez, particularly because some thought the latter was the “not a problem brother.” What happened to Ondreaz Lopez, then?

Trigger warning: This article covers sexual assault allegations.

Ondreaz Lopez taking a selfie for his IG feed
Ondreaz Lopez taking a selfie for his IG feed

As People reported, Ondreaz is facing a new controversy surrounding his alleged interactions with an underage girl, just weeks after a lawsuit accused Tony of committing sexual battery and demanding explicit pictures of underage girls in a lawsuit.

I really regret ever supporting Ondreaz and Tony Lopez,” one person wrote on Twitter. “I wish I would’ve known what I know about them now back then. Sad to see what kind of people they really are.”

A TikTok User Reportedly Posted The Audio Of The Phone Call Between Ondreaz And The Mother Of A 14-Year-Old

A YouTube video was made exposing Ondreaz Lopez
A YouTube video was made exposing Ondreaz Lopez

TikTok user @sainttbaby posted a video of a 23-year-old man, allegedly Ondreaz, in a now-deleted video posted on Tuesday, Jan. 26, talking over the phone with a woman about his experiences with a 14-year-old who appears to be the mother of the girl, as mentioned by Daily Dot.

You know what could happen to you? … You could end up in jail,” the woman says in the clip, which has surfaced on YouTube.

I do realize that,” the man replies.

The woman says, “We need to talk in person. And I’m bringing my daughter with me. And my sister. And we need to figure this out.”

The woman asks to meet the man that day, and before the video cuts out, they begin talking about meeting locations.

“OK, I’m totally OK with that,” the man replies.

Watch the YouTube video that exposes Ondreaz by clicking on the link below:


“People on my main account keep asking what happened with Ondreaz but here it is,” @sainttbaby captioned the clip.

@sainttbaby claims to be a friend of the alleged victim, posting the video to protect the friend’s anonymity. “We want people to know that the Lopez brothers are no bueno and be careful, girlies,@sainttbaby added.

@sainttbaby wrote after a TikTok commenter said that the male voice in the video doesn’t sound like Ondreaz, “Oh yeah ‘cause I would definitely risk getting sued by them.”

In 2020, Ondreaz Denied The Sexual Assault Accusations

In June 2020, a Twitter user called Al accused Ondreaz of sexually assaulting them in 2018, when Al was 17. “He forced my hand on his d–k and wouldn’t let me pull alway until I turned the other way around,” Al wrote, in part.

Ondreaz denied the allegations at the time, writing, “We mutually made out for about half an hour, and it felt like things were escalating, so I did get on top of [them]. At this point, [they] then stopped me and said [they] didn’t want to have sex. I was definitely confused, but at no point did [they] have to force herself out from under me.” [Pronouns have been changed to fix Ondreaz’s misgendering of Al.]

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