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The TikTok Star That Became Famous For Cold Stone Videos Is Now “Canceled”

Prominent TikTok-ers are no strangers to popularity overnight and “cancelation,” but what do you think will happen when you give young people with a desire to become famous access to a common social media site to reach millions of people? There are a lot of TikTok users who have ruffled the feathers of the user base of the app, from racism, to insensitivity, to comments made in bad taste, and now the Cold Stone guy is being criticised for supposedly endorsing gay conversion therapy.

So Is The Cold Stone Guy On TikTok Really Endorsing Gay Conversion Therapy?

If you’re not acquainted with Dylan Lemay, by demonstrating how he makes Cold Stone cakes, he rose to TikTok fame and managed to get himself a large number of followers on the platform, some 7.2 million. But his prevalence on TikTok may soon come to an end as users say that he is a supporter of programs that help “converting” gay people’s sexual orientations.

The Human Rights Campaign identifies the practice as “a range of dangerous and discredited practices that falsely claim to change a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity or expression.”

So how did all the hatred against Dylan begin? It started when he left a video comment stating that one should not be both Christian and gay at the same time. Dylan wrote, “Wow! addressing big issues.”

Social users read the comment from Dylan as encouragement for conversion therapy.

user @CALAMlTYLWT wrote on Twitter:
“the cold stone cake guy (djlemay2) is being cancelled on tiktok for supporting conversion therapy? HELL NAH BYE”

and user @elithesmith1 wrote on Twitter:
“@DJLemay2 openly supports conversion therapy. if y’all wanna cancel someone before 2020 is over, here’s your chance”

A “unfollow campaign” against Dylan was soon launched, for which throngs of individuals took his statement as implied support for anti-LGBTQ+ agendas.


Photo of Dylan Lamey during one of his TikTok vlogs

Credit :HITC, Google

One commenter wrote, “I cannot believe I supported someone who makes ice cream and cakes on TikTok and supports conversion therapy. I cannot believe I supported a homophobic.” Another person wrote, “please stop supporting djlemay2 on TikTok (the guy who does the ice cream cake videos). He is giving this woman kudos for spreading very harmful and homophobic rhetoric. A creator with 7.4 MILLION followers supporting homophobia.”

Ultimately, The Cold Stone TikTok Guy Addressed The Rumours About His Support For Gay Conversion Therapy

He explained in a TikTok video that he is not homophobic in any way and does not advocate gay conversion therapy, calling the procedure terrible. He also apologized if anyone was hurt by his “Wow! addressing big issues” comment.

Watch the TikTok video he made by clicking on the link below:


I’m not homophobic. And I do not support conversion therapy.

♬ original sound – Dylan Lemay

Some have found it oddly coincidental that after the apology, one of his most recent videos featured a cake with “LGBTQ+ Rights” written on it, but Dylan seemed much more in support of the comments section on this post, with several users encouraging others to “move on” and forgive the Cold Stone employee.

So no, considering the conclusions reached by a lot of his fans, the Cold Stone TikTok guy doesn’t seem to support conversion therapy after all.

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