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The Granddaughter Of Joe Biden, Natalie Biden, Is A Bonafide TikTok Star

There’s one thing that’s for sure and it’s that social media and media trends are certainly here to stay, whatever your opinion on people seeking social media clout are.

If you’re someone wearing tie-dye sweat suits and performing half-baked dance moves for a few seconds in YouTube-tutorial makeup videos, or you’re President Joe Biden’s grandchildren, loads of different people upload content on platforms such as TikTok.

One Of The Grandchildren Of Joe Biden, Natalie Biden, Has Secured A Sizeable TikTok Following For Herself

There’s a good possibility you’ve seen some of the uploads of @natbiden, President Biden’s 16-year-old granddaughter Natalie, if you’ve scrolled through your fair share of TikToks. She has shared many lip-syncing and dance videos featuring other family members, and has already managed to accumulate a whopping 7 million likes on TikTok and more than 1.5 million followers.

Maisy, the youngest daughter of the children of Hunter and Kathleen Biden, also went viral for her election-themed posts in the past. She has attended many political conferences and has been on foreign trips with her grandpa. In front of the DNC, she even introduced him. The posts by Maisy seem to be more comedy-themed than Natalie’s, and in her videos she also includes members of her family.

A fun fact about Maisy: she and Sasha Obama actually played basketball at the same school they attended. On TikTok, she has over 178,000 followers and tallied up over 2.5 million total likes. Not bad for someone in her TikTok profile who didn’t place her famous family name: it’s @scoobeydoobey.

Watch one of Maisy’s TikTok videos by clicking on the link below:


On god#UpTheBeat

♬ Originalton – williwhey

The oldest grandson of Joe Biden, Robert aka “Hunter,” is also on TikTok as @hunter.biden and he has a decent following, like his other relatives: over 435,000 as of this writing. He’s clocked in over 1 million likes with his dancing and duet videos, and even includes politically-themed captions to his clips like: “@scoobeydoobey pulling up to Georgia to protect the ballot counters #fyp #election.”

Watch one of Hunter Biden’s TikTok videos by clicking on the link below:


@scoobeydoobey pulling up to Georgia to protect the ballot counters #fyp #election

♬ original sound – Lucas Ansel

The Other Grandchildren Of Joe Biden Are Also On Social Media, But Not All Their Accounts Are Public

Finnegan Biden is no stranger to attending political debates and rallies: at the Democratic National Convention, she even introduced her grandparents. After bringing Maddie Ziegler to Instagram Live, she recently gained headlines too, encouraging young people to go out and vote. Her @finneganbiden handles are private when she’s on both Instagram and TikTok. Possibly a smart decision if sometime in the future she’s working on a political career.

Watch Finnegan Biden’s conversation with Maddie Ziegler on IG live by clicking on the link below:

Naomi Biden is more active on Instagram and Twitter than most other social media sites, so if you were hoping to see her taking a viral personality quiz or do the push-up challenge with Flappy Bird, then you’re out of luck.

The eldest granddaughter of Biden graduated from Columbia Law School and attended the University of Pennsylvania before that, and graduated coincidentally in the same year as Tiffany Trump.

A gain quiz website has also been launched by Naomi that will help people estimate how much money they will get from the new stimulus bill.

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