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The Dolan Twins Said That With Their YouTube Channel, They Feel “Trapped”

Ok, surely we can admit we didn’t see this one coming. Two of the most famous faces of YouTube stardom are Grayson and Ethan Dolan, aka the Dolan Twins. On the now-defunct Vine app, the 21-year-olds first gained fame, but they switched to making videos on YouTube. They’ve profited from their joint channel since then.


The Dolan Twins promoting their personal merchandise

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Fans predicted that the brothers will be expanding their vlogging empire after buying a $2 million home in 2019. But, in October 2019, after a sit-down interview with Shane Dawson, they revealed that they were growing tired of doing regular vlogs, and that they were interested in concentrating on other businesses.

The brothers appeared on the Impaulsive podcast in August 2020, and they further expanded on their image change.

Are the Twins leaving YouTube?
We’re breaking down their previous emotional Shane Dawson interview, what they’ve said to Logan Paul, and how they want to pay attention to their own podcast.


The Dolan Twins during one of their YouTube videos

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The Dolan Twins Also Spoke About Leaving YouTube As A Possibility

The Dolan Twins were honest about how much of a toll YouTube was having on their life after doing their 2019 documentary-style series with Shane. The brothers have been part of the network for over six years, and together they have almost 11 million subscribers on their channel. They didn’t shy away from the rough aspects of what it means about their life off camera, even though it’s given them many opportunities.

Ethan and Grayson confirmed in the video that “a change needs to be made” and that for the moment they will be taking a step back from their channel. The brothers said that every Tuesday, the pressure to upload a video to their channel made them feel burnt out and stopped them from developing individually.

Ethan announced, “We have to stop posting weekly videos.” They also noted that since they were 14 years old, they’ve been doing weekly videos.

The two then opened up about how the dedication to their network has changed the interactions in their lives, and how they have not been able to live as teenagers for years.

“I’ve lost a lot of friends and stuff, and even in like relationships,” Ethan said. “I can’t have a life.”

Grayson and Ethan said they were going to continue making videos, but only when they were passionate about the subject matter. They said that on a set schedule, they would not release videos, and they’ve stuck to that promise.

Since their sit-down with Shane, although the brothers have posted dozens of vlogs, they do so on their own time.

Watch The Twins’ YouTube video addressing them leaving YouTube by clicking on the link below:https://youtu.be/g2LkO0IsR5A

The Duo Officially Announced That In 2021 They Would Be Stepping Away From YouTube

The twins announced during an episode of their podcast that they had officially made the decision to leave YouTube. The episode, posted on Jan. 14, outlined why this decision was made by the pair.

“We are not moving on from YouTube because we have a lack of appreciation for you guys,” they said in the video, according to Dexerto. “Your support over the past six … years of our lives has been … I can’t even explain the level of appreciation we have for you. Really.”

Although the news was saddening, many people, who knew how long Ethan and Grayson had been feeling this way, weren’t shocked.

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