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The Clench Trend Causes Trouble For Tony Lopez, James Charles And Noah Beck

Have you come across the dump truck dance on Tik Tok yet? This booty-shaking beat has literally shaken up the video-sharing platforms’ community and, is being performed by such highly successful influencers as Noah Beck (19), Blake Gray (19), James Charles (21), Tony Lopez (21), Bryce Hall (21) as well as Tik Tok’s one and only Willy Wonka (20). Although the specific trend has turned out to be a great source of income for some of the previously mentioned online celebrities, others are now battling the consequences.

A Questionable Trend On The Rise

The particular trend was first performed by the eighteen-year-old Tik Tok content creator Polo Boy AKA Marco Borghi (@poloboy). Marco is known for his participation in one of Tik Tok’s most recognized collaborative groups called ‘The House Nobody Asked For’ alongside other creators such as Tyler Funke (19) and Caroline Ricke (21).

Although Marco’s original butt-clenching video didn’t come off as too sexual, it got noticed by other famous Tik Tok faces who then decided to take Borghi’s dance up a notch. And by kicking it up a notch we mean probably taking a step too far by removing their pants and dump-trucking away in their undergarments!

Naturally, the dance in question soon appeared on everyone’s FYP’s and became a popular trend on the platform. However, people’s opinions regarding the dance were pretty conflicting – some referred to it as a great dance challenge while others questioned its adequacy.


The Butt Clench Challenge Has Completely Taken Over Tik Tok

Credit :@HypeUp Tv, Youtube

Lopez Gets Flamed For Flashing His Underwear

The drama surrounding the butt-clenching influencers kicked off when Tony Lopez uploaded a clip of him attempting to imitate Marco Borghi’s moves. During his interpretation, Lopez was seen lip-syncing to the song and partially removing his cream-white shorts


Dump truck 🛻

♬ Kujo freestyle – LuXDistinct

Wrong move!

It wasn’t too long after Tony’s video was posted when his followers quickly turned against him to remind Lopez that he should be the very last person jumping on the trend. People were quite upset with Tony still posting inappropriate content after he was blamed for sending explicit messages to a fifteen-year-old girl on social media last year. See what Tony’s following had to say regarding the issue below:


Tony’s Fans Had A Lot To Say Regarding His Butt Clench Video

Credit :@tonylopez, Tik Tok

James Charles Claps Back At Pittsburgh Steelers Player

The dump-trucking did not only go horribly wrong for Lopez but also everyone’s favourite online beauty guru AKA James Charles. James jumped on the trend rather quickly – his interpretation of the dump truck has already reached 25.4 million views in just three days!


happy new year

♬ Kujo freestyle – LuXDistinct

Although Charles wasn’t attacked by his fans for choosing to post this type of content, he did receive negative attention from one of Pittsburgh Steelers most recognizable faces, Chase Claypool (22). Claypool decided to call out Charles on his Tik Tok account (@chase) by performing a stitch with James to express his disapproval of James’s actions. Watch Claypool’s video below:


#stitch with @jamescharles

♬ original sound – Chase Claypool

After detecting negativity coming his way, James didn’t waste any time and clapped back at the Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver. The Tik Toker left a reply under Chase’s video saying and we quote:’’ That’s fine! Other players in your league are already in my dm’s waiting!’’ Say no more, James!


James Charles Saying Chase’s Colleagues Are Already Lining Up In His Dm’s

Credit :@chase, Tik Tok

Fans Question Noah Beck’s Sexuality Yet Again

Last but not least, the butt-clenching dance also had its consequences on Dixie D’Amelio’s influencer boyfriend, Noah Beck. Even though Noah was smart enough to keep his plum red joggers where they belong, he was once again called out for not being honest about his sexuality.


that’s a mf shelf

♬ Kujo freestyle – LuXDistinct

Comments like ‘’James Charles is typing’’ and ‘’Him and James be like’’ were left under Noah’s dump-trucking video referring to gossip regarding Jame’s and Noah’s alleged hooking up scandal. Although James and Noah did state that the two have never had any romantic relations, fans are still reminding the influencers of their suspicions all over social media.


Fans Are Still Having Suspicions Regarding James And Noah Hooking Up

Credit :@noahbeck, Tik Tok

What do you think about the backlash and drama that the dump truck dance has provoked for James, Tony and Noah? Should this type of self-sexualization be allowed on the platform? Tell us how you feel in the comments section – let’s chat!

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Dump truck 🛻

♬ Kujo freestyle – LuXDistinct


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