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The Caricatures Of James Charles, Noah Beck And Dixie D’Amelio Go Viral

What have you been simping over lately? If your answer contains another cute cat or dog Tik Tok video, stop right there! We’ve got something more exciting for you! Drum roll, please! It’s a fifteen second long Tik Tok clip showing young and talented artists take on some of the most popular influencers most-liked Instagram pictures. If you have ever wondered how such online celebrities as James Charles (21), Noah Beck (19) and Dixie D’Amelio (19) would look like as caricatures, keep on reading! These will make you LYFAO!

Influencers Lining Up To Be Featured Next

The viral influencer caricature video was posted on January 11th and quickly reached a massive 11 million views on the mega-popular video sharing platform. Not bad for an art video, huh? Although the artist behind the impressively unique artwork has been doing caricatures for a while, the particular clip is his first globally appreciated masterpiece.

The artist’s name is Jake Riley (@jakeriley_). His Tik Tok bio states that he is twenty-one years old and works with ZHC aka Zachary Hsieh, a famous Youtuber and self thought comic book artist. His viral influencer inspired caricature video features such influencers as James Charles, Noah Beck and the D’Amelio sisters.

Although the previously mentioned online personalities haven’t responded to being included in his video, other Tik Tok celebrities such as Tana Mongeau (22) and Michelle Chin aka Munchie Michelle (22) are already lining up for being pictured in one of Riley’s next Tik Tok videos. Meanwhile, feast your eyes on Riley’s viral influencer edition caricature video below:



Don’t ask where I get the inspiration for some of these bc I don’t know hhaha tag them😂😂🤷🏼‍♂️ #foryou #drawing #jokes

♬ original sound – Uzi London 🌎☄️💕++®

Braddison Vs Doah

It’s also worth noting Riley’s previous work showcasing a comparison between two super famous Tik Tok couples mostly recognized by their ship names Braddison (Bryce Hall and Addison Rae) as well as Doah (Noah Beck and Dixie D’Amelio).

Although the caricatures in question were published on different Tik Tok clips, people soon started comparing the two drawings. Some admirers even suggested Jake adding hair on Bryce’s armpits. To each its own, right?

Watch both of the mentioned Tik Toks below:

Braddison – https://www.tiktok.com/@jakeriley__/video/6915977033092828421

Doah – https://www.tiktok.com/@jakeriley__/video/6915605406056336646

Tik Tok Users Impressed And Want More

After getting to know more about Jake’s uniquely satisfying style of art, people started tagging the featured influencers below Riley’s videos and expressing great admiration of the artist’s startling set of skills. See what the public had to say regarding Riley’s impressive caricature videos below:

Tik Tok Users Commenting On Jake Riley’s Viral Art Video

Although most of the comments were clearly simping over Riley’s artwork, there were a few people who expressed feeling quite disappointed with the Tik Toker’s personal drawing style preferences saying that his drawings are uglifying and even body shaming the featured social media personalities.

In response to these allegations, Riley quickly addressed the situation in his comments section by saying and we quote:’’ Just meant to make y’all and creators laugh’. Here’s Riley’s full response to the body-shaming allegations:

Riley Addressing The Issue In His Comments Section

What do you think about Jake Riley’s exceptional drawing technique and which influencer should the artist do next? Write your suggestions in the comments below and don’t forget to check out Riley’s Tik Tok account (@jakeriley_) for more social media personality inspired caricatures. The guy sure has some talent!

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