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The ACE Family Scandal – Is Catherine Paiz Cheating On Austin McBroom?

The latest ACE family scandal will blow your socks off! For real! Twitter, Youtube, Instagram – this story appears to be a hot topic on most social media platforms. Fasten your seat belts you guys this is going to be a bumpy ride!

Austin Challenges Jake Paul, And It Gets Ugly

It might seem like these allegations of Catherine Paiz cheating on her husband Austin McBroom have literally appeared out of nowhere, but wait, there’s a whole story behind it! All of this drama started when Austin decided to go online and challenge his rival Jake Paul for a boxing match. Austin said, and we quote: ‘’@jakepaul has been running from me for years. I got $ 5 million for whoever steps into the ring with me. TAG who you think would like this smoke!’’ Of course, the post didn’t go unnoticed, and Paul was quick to reply to Austin saying that he should really be more concerned about his wife sliding into his dm’s. Wow, the boy has got some guts!

What Is Catherine Doing In Jake’s Instagram Dm’s

What Is Catherine Doing In Jake’s Instagram Dm’s The situation escalated quite quickly when Catherine turned to her Instagram stories to mention Jake Paul and say the following: ‘’How original I even forgot you existed until my husband mentioned you today.’’ Catherine then proceeded to delete her own story, but unfortunately Jake had already managed to take a screenshot of it. It appears that Austin had allegedly pushed Paiz into removing the story from her Instagram profile. Jake then went on to publish another screenshot of his Instagram Dm’s, where a message from Catherine herself appeared on the top of the list saying ‘’Delete your story, wtf’’. People were quick to assume that this message proves that Catherine has previously got in touch with Jake and the cheating rumours arose.

Publicity Stunt Or Real Receipts About To Go Live?

While some people seem to think that Catherine would never go for someone like the 23-year-old Paul, Jake wasn’t holding back and uploaded a short clip saying and we quote: ‘’ People just shouldn’t call me out. I just know too much on everyone.’’ Jake even turned to his followers with an Instagram poll asking if he should release the sensitive information or just avoid being a homewrecker. No real receipts were brought to light, but the guy sure seemed like has some tea to spill. However, while everyone is still very much eager to see Jake expose Catherine’s real intentions, some people believe that all of this mess was just a simple publicity stunt to get everyone’s undivided attention.

Abusive Relationship Rumours

On top of the cheating rumours, members of the ACE family have also had to deal with people labelling their relationship as abusive. One of their latest Youtube uploads included a scene where Austin is acting once again very rude towards the 30-year-old Paiz. Since then, fans have been speculating that this is the exact reason why Catherine felt the need to get in touch with literally whoever to help herself cope with Austin’s abusive attitude towards her.

How do you feel about Catherine allegedly sliding into Jake Paul’s dm’s? Head straight over to Austin’s newest Instagram post and see what their fans had to say about this unfortunate situation – www.instagram.com/p/CHlk6CPByUq/.


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