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The Ace Family Disable Their Comments After Trip To Mexico

Although The Ace Families video content is considered as child friendly at most times, Catherine Paiz (30) and Austin McBroom (28) have once again been drawn into some pretty serious Youtube drama. And this time around the issue is also affecting their children Elle Lively McBroom (4), Alaia Marie McBroom (2) and the newest addition to their family Steel McBroom (6 months). What’s going on in Catherine’s and Austin’s lives, and why are people choosing to insult their parenting skills? Read on – we’ve got all the tea!

Attention Another Covid Travel Alert

Attention Another Covid Travel Alert

The drama in question kicked off on January 9th when a video titled ‘Bye LA…We’re moving to Mexico’ was uploaded on Catherine’s and Austin’s joint Youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWwWOFsW68TqXE-HZLC3WIA). Although the couple hinted at the possible moving process, it soon came to light that the trip was, in fact, meant to be a family vacation.

But, of course, their little Mexico getaway was quickly interrupted by fans who started pointing out the families irresponsibility regarding COVID lockdown rules. And with LA being labelled as the COVID capital of the world, people were shocked to see such level of ignorance coming from one of Youtube’s biggest family channels. They should’ve known better!

Walking Around Maskless And Avoiding Quarantining

In the video, Austin and Catherine McBroom are clearly avoiding all COVID precautions, including not wearing face masks, avoiding quarantining and even disregarding social distancing. Even though they travelled by what seemed to be a private jet, the only people who appeared to be wearing face masks were the jet’s staff members.

It’s also unclear if any of the people who boarded the yet were tested for COVID-19 before taking off. And as if that wasn’t enough, the couple was also blamed for tricking fans into believing that they were being considerate regarding the pandemic circumstances. This occurred because the thumbnail of the particular video featured The Ace Family wearing face masks, even though they weren’t following their own example further along in the video.

The Ace Families Misleading Thumbnail Caused Outrage Amongst Their Fans

Catherine’s And Austin’s Parenting Skills Insulted By Viewers

It’s pretty safe to say that The Ace Families viewers weren’t having any of it. Some people even went as far as insulting the influencers parenting skills by posting comments such as ‘Wow! Look at the example you’re setting for your children’ and ‘Do they even realize that by doing this one of their children can actually catch COVID or is that irrelevant because they’re rich and can do whatever they want?’

Besides calling the McBroom’s out for possibly exposing their children to the infectious disease, the family was also blamed for completely disregarding all precautions when it comes to staying safe and stopping the virus from spreading any further. See the comments that were screenshotted before The Ace Family decided to fully disable their comments sections on social media platforms:

Fans Were Not Happy To See The Ace Family Travelling During The Pandemic

Disabling Comments After Getting Backlash Online

After realizing that their decision to travel abroad amid the global pandemic wasn’t perceived positively, Catherine and Austin decided to turn off their comments sections on Youtube and Tik Tok.

Their last Tik Tok video was posted two days ago and featured their six-month-old son Steel McBroom carelessly enjoying his time in the pool with his grandma. Watch the super cute clip of Steel relaxing on top of an inflatable below:https://www.tiktok.com/@theacefamily/video/6915864739428011269


Feeling good 2021 here I come 😎 #fyp #foryoupage

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Is The Ace Families vacation with their three children to Mexico during a global pandemic justifiable as essential travelling? We want to hear from you – tell us what you think regarding The Ace Families latest trip in the comments section!

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