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Tana Mongeau’s New Cheating Scandal Gets Crazy

When it comes to Tana Mongeau it ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. The 22-year-old internet personality is known for the endless drama taking place in her life, not to mention the crazy and never-ending cheating scandals. This time around the influencer has managed to do two very upsetting things at once. Ending the relationship with one of her all-time best friends Brooke Schofield (23) and finding out that her on and off boyfriend is, yeah, you guessed it, a cheating liar! This story gets pretty crazy, so grab a snack and get comfortable!

The Ugly Truth Behind Her and Mindy’s Friendship

Tana and Brooke have apparently been friends for over a year now, and nobody ever thought that this friendship would come to an end just because of a guy. The rumours about Mongeau ending her friendship with Schofield kicked off when people noticed one of Tanas Tik Tok’s, which was supplemented with the following caption ‘’I don’t know what to get my best friend for Christmas. She only likes the men I’ve slept with.’’ (https://www.tiktok.com/@tanamongeaulol/video/6900682956990450950).


and that’s on having my leftovers for christmas

♬ Justin Timberlake – Mirrors – Noah

Although the cheating scandal at that point in time was still being kept private, Tana’s fans knew something weird was up. It wasn’t until Tana released her newest Youtube video called ‘’I caught my best friend hooking up with my man’’ when everybody got to know the ugly truth behind Tana’s and Brooke’s friendship. ‘’Mindy has tried to flirt with all of my exes. It was just weird, and I was always fully aware of it’’ – admitted the influencer. Although Tana chose to change Brooke’s name to ‘Mindy’ everybody instantly knew who she was referring to. There’s no fooling us!

Allegedly Hooking Up In Tana’s Movie Room

To cut the cheating scandal short, Tana claims she caught Brooke hooking up with her man. In her video, she explains the situation in very explicit detail saying that the whole scene of the two making out in Tana’s infamous movie room has been caught on camera.

What we can gather from Tana’s video is that Mongeau was absolutely sure that Brooke had the intention of hooking up with the mystery man since the very beginning of the night in question. Tana also made sure to worsen the situation by saying that Mindy literally could’ve taken the guy anywhere else, but chose to do the dirty business in her movie room despite Tana herself being fast asleep in the upstairs bedroom. Not the very best way of surprising your best friend!

Brooke Shares A Very Different Side Of The Story

After all the crazy cheating drama got announced publicly, Brooke decided to take advantage of her own platform and released a response video titled ‘’To Tana From Mindy’’. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fa1k80jjPk0&t=855s).

Schofield’s video is nearly 18 minutes long and reveals a very different side of the story. ‘’Yes, we did hook up, but Tana knows this because I told her myself not because she caught me or something. All that she has is a video of us standing too close to each other for her liking.’’ Does that mean that Tana made up the security camera recording story to make the whole situation even more scandalous? The truth of this cheating situation is still to be unravelled! Tanas ex-best friend also mentioned that she has apologised to Tana like a thousand times since the unfortunate event, but that hasn’t stopped the huge amount of death threats being directed towards her on social media.
Is Tana’s and Brooke’s friendship damaged beyond repair due to this crazy cheating scandal? We’d love to see your thoughts on this topic in the comments section!

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