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Tana Mongeau Calls Out Bella Thorne On Twitter

Major drama alert! Bella Thorne (23) and Tana Mongeau (22) have taken their relationship to Twitter once again and this time around the situation gets pretty nasty. The two influencers called each other out in a series of hateful tweets regarding Bella’s newest track #SFB. What’s going on between the two exes and why are people so upset over this particular subject? Keep on reading to learn more about Mongeau’s and Thorne’s unexpected feud – it gets messier than you might think!

The Biggest Influencer Beef Of 2020

Before we dive into the explicit details of Bella’s and Tana’s Twitter feud, let us just remind you that both controversial internet celebrities used to date back in 2018. Although their romance came to an end just a year later, Thorne and Mongeau remained friends as they were spotted hanging out with each other occasionally.

It’s also worth mentioning that the #SFB situation is not their first online feud since breaking up. Shortly after their unfortunate split, Bella called Tana out for having a dinner date with one of her exes Mod Sun (33). Talk about breaking the girl code!

Despite stating that their friendship will always last through thick and thin, the girls are feuding once again. 2020 sure did save the best for last as their feud has already been named as one the biggest influencer beefs of the year!

Tana Bazoinked At Bella’s Series Of Tweets

It all kicked off on Twitter after Bella announced the release of her new song titled ‘’SFB’’ which is allegedly written about her relationship with Youtuber Tana Mongeau. Bella supplemented the #SFB hashtag with saying and we quote:’’ She wishes she was me.’’ She then went even further by posting another tweet talking about how this mystery girl always tries so hard to be relevant and won’t stop bringing her name up for attention. See Bella’s tweets below:

Tana Bazoinked At Bella’s Series Of Tweets

It didn’t take long for Twitter users to make their own assumptions about who the mystery girl was. And their suspicions were justified later on when Tana jumped on her Twitter account to post the following tweet:

Bella’s series

As you can tell, Tana wasn’t too impressed with Bella’s series of tweets that were made about her. Mongeau then added the fuel to the fire by calling her ex-girlfriend out for not supporting sex workers as Bella promised she would earlier this year after joining the Only Fans platform and making more than 1 million dollars in the first 24 hours. Yeah, that also happened!

The Fighting Continues On Tik Tok

Their beef continued with Bella posting a short Tik Tok clip of her insulting Tana’s relevancy by laughing at the fact that Tana allegedly thinks she’s an actual celebrity (https://www.tiktok.com/@bellathorne/video/6908556722273619205).


I must be lit as a 🎄 for a MF to feel like they a celebrity after fuckinng with me 💧💧💧 < that’s real drip #sfb

♬ SFB – Bella Thorne

And, of course, Tana didn’t leave this one hanging and went on to attack Bella’s relevancy instead by tweeting, and we quote:’’ 749 favourites in a day and my last tweets have more and you’re worried about my relevancy?@ me next time and unfollow me while you’re at it.’’ Ouch!

It was Thorne’s response to Mongeau’s previously mentioned Tweet that confused a lot of people as Bella then posted a Tik Tok video of her reacting to a series of screenshots that showed off some of her newest movie roles (https://www.tiktok.com/@bellathorne/video/6908502316769496326).


i couldn’t even fit my revelancy is 60seconds but I tried 🤷🏻‍♀️ LOLOLOLOLOL HAHAHAHA when you know you know #SFB

♬ SFB – Bella Thorne

Fans slammed Bella for trying too hard to stay relevant all the time and not even properly addressing her Only Fans scandal where she was accused of scamming her subscribers.

More Tea Is Yet To Be Spilled

And just when we all thought that the feud between the two internet celebrities couldn’t get any worse – well, it did. Tana announced that she is finally ready to break her silence regarding her relationship with Thorne by uploading a tell-all video to her Youtube account. Tana said and we quote:’’ I’m probably gonna be banned from Youtube for all the tea I’ve got coming!’’

This got Mongeau’s supporters thinking that both of the girls are just feeding off of the drama and doing all of these things purely for attention. People also started to speculate that both influencers are just desperately trying to boost each other up on social media in order to earn more money and get their names talked about.

Is this a genuine feud or are both girls just trying to boost each other up on social media? And why is Tana suddenly the muse of everyone’s new music? Share your thoughts in the comments section and make sure to listen to Bella’s new track while you’re at it – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AvkZ1XKwy3Q.

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