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Tana Mongeau Accused Of Scamming Fans With Her New Lingerie Line

Recently YouTube creator and OnlyFans top earner twenty-two-year-old Tana Mongeau has been accused of scamming her fans by allegedly reselling cheap lingerie sets for more than double their price. Surprisingly similar pieces to her newly launched Tana Uncensored lingerie collection have been spotted on affordable fashion sites such as Shein and AliExpress. What’s hiding behind this crazy TikTok rumor, and is Tana’ trouble maker reputation living up to its own standards? Keep on reading to find out!

People Claiming Sets Are Selling For As Low As Five Dollars

Tana Mongeau’ Tana Uncensored lingerie line was released earlier this month just in time for Valentine’ day. The controversial social media personality announced the big occasion via her TikTok account (@tanamongeaulol) and got mixed reactions from her loyal YouTube fanbase.




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Tana Mongeau’ New Tana Uncensored Lingerie Line
Tana Mongeau’ New Tana Uncensored Lingerie Line

While part of Tana’ following expressed feeling super excited, others doubted the uniqueness of the seductive lingerie pieces alongside second-guessing the overall pricing adequacy.‘’ Charging thirty dollars for a five-dollar lingerie set? Girl, you must be playing,’’ wrote a fan suggesting Tana’ lingerie line might be nothing more than an inexcusable internet scam.

Furthermore, other comments alike started appearing all over Tana’ social media accounts. People claimed to have bought the same exact looking pieces for less than half of the price that Mongeau is charging them for on her Tana Uncensored shopping site.

Tana Mongeau Fan Comments On TikTok
Tana Mongeau Fan Comments On TikTok

TikToker Urges People Not To Buy Mongeau’ New Lingerie Pieces

Following the claims of Tana’ lingerie being unfairly overpriced, a video surfaced online of actual proof Mongeau might be, in fact, reselling an already existing design. And adding her name to it in hopes of making a profit, of course. In the video, a TikToker known as @shutupdumbbith urged people not to buy Tana’ lingerie and make smarter choices by getting the sets elsewhere.

The TikToker said, and we quote:‘’Tana scamming her fans? Not again!’’This is twelve dollars at Shein. Go buy it there! Don’t pay her thirty dollars to resell it to you!’’ The upload also featured a photo from Shein’ website showcasing a red floral lace garter set which looks exactly like the ones available on Tana’ page.


#stitch with @tanamongeaulol i cant handle this anymore #tanamongeaulol #scammer #shein

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Is This An Actual Scam Or A Common Celebrity Practice?

For the time being, neither Tana nor her management has addressed the controversy surrounding her lingerie sets. However, reselling items together with adding personal branding to the selected pieces is a common practice amongst different Hollywood personalities.

In fact, the initial problem might lie in the possibility of Mongeau and Shein working with the same clothing supplier. And in that case, it’s entirely up to Tana to decide the price of the items she is willing to resell as an established Hollywood social media personality. Nevertheless, why waste thirty dollars when you can spend less? Saving a few bucks never hurt anybody!

What do you think regarding Tana’s Tana Uncensored lingerie set design? Could she be actually reselling the pieces from cheaper fashion brands such as Shein and AliExpress? Don’t be shy and share your opinion in our comments section!

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