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Sunny Malouf Exposes Josh Richards In New Song

Remember Sunny Malouf? Sunny is a 16-year-old American singer and songwriter also known for her participation in the once-famous web group Team 10 alongside other highly successful YouTubers such as Jake Paul (23) and Erica Costell (28). The influencer has gained over 1.1 million followers on her Instagram account since starting to appear in Team 10’s Youtube videos in the year 2018. Although Malouf has been steadily releasing new music over the past couple of years, her latest track has become the centre of attention all over social media.

Mystery Tik Tok Boyfriend Revealed

Malouf released a short teaser clip of her new track ‘’Disposable’’ on her Tik Tok account on December 18, and it got everyone shook, to say the least. The singer revealed a few interesting details regarding her new song, including some very intimate information about her most recent summer fling that left her nothing but heartbroken.

Sunny said, and we quote:’’I wrote this song about this Tik Tok boy. I don’t want to expose him, but it’s my story, so… I wrote the song about Josh Richards.’’ Wait, what? How many episodes of this series have we all missed?

Mystery Tik Tok Boyfriend Revealed

Left Heartbroken After A Short-Lived Summer Fling

Despite people being pretty shocked about the former Sway House member being Sunny’s mystery boyfriend, Sunny had even more surprising details to share with her fanbase. The former Team 10 member revealed her short-lived summer fling story saying that this boy played her and even had the guts to ghost her for another girl. Not cute!

Sunny also opened up to a few other sources explaining the meaning behind her new lyrics saying and we quote:’’ Disposable is a real love story about my life. It talks about how I spent the last summer with this guy and ended up falling head over heels for. As the summer comes to an end, he is stuck between choosing two girls, and he ends up choosing someone else.’’

Since hearing out about Malouf’s unfortunate summer love story people started speculating that the other girl that Sunny is referring to in her song is allegedly Richard’s current on and off girlfriend Nessa Barrett (18). Although there is no official information covering this subject, Josh and Nessa were indeed first linked around the same time as Sunny’s mystery summer fling break up was taking place. Suspicious or just a coincidence? It’s up for you to decide!

Josh’s Current Girlfriend Responds On Tik Tok

After realising that her name has been involved in the Sunny Malouf situation, Nessa Barrett quickly responded to the rumours of her being the girl that Josh allegedly chose over Sunny. Even though Nessa’s comment didn’t reveal much about their whole love triangle thing, she did respond to a Tik Tok users comment under one of Malouf’s most recent posts regarding Sunny not being able to get over Josh.

watch :https://www.tiktok.com/@sunnymalouf/video/6907727441872096517


“Disposable” is out on all platforms, EXCEPT Spotify! Working to get it on Spotify ASAP, but besides enjoy!

♬ original sound – SUNNY


It’s pretty safe to say that Nessa’s answer led fans to believe that the influencer knows a thing or two about Sunny’s and Josh’s past relationship. See Nessa’s full comment below –

Current Girlfriend Responds

Is Nessa Barrett indeed the girl that Sunny Malouf is referring to in her new track? Write your thoughts in the comments section – your opinion matters!

Don’t forget to stream Sunny’s new track ‘’Disposable’’ on all major music streaming platforms. It definitely deserves a place in your ‘’Best Love Songs Of 2020’’ playlist!

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