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SSSniperwolf Is Cancelled For Transphobic Comments

Fans are heartbroken to learn that SSSniperwolf(aka Alia Shelesh) has been caught being transphobic after she was trending on Twitter. The YouTuber has over 23 million subscribers on her channel and is well-known for her crass and dark humor, as well as harshly(and publicly) calling people out.


Credit : @the.realsssniperwolf, Instagram

What do you think, did SSSniperwolf take things too far? Twitter seems to think so, and it has the proof. One Twitter user wrote, “SSSNIPERWOLF IS WHAT?????? TRANSPHOBIC?????, and another user claimed that the YouTuber is cancelled.

So what exactly did she do?

Why Is SSSniperwolf Cancelled And What Did She Do?

Viewers of Alia’s channel said that she has been caught on video being transphobic, racist, homophobic, and body-shamed a lot of people as well as lied about being abused. So far, a few videos have been discovered in which she does, in fact, ruthlessly make fun of a trans woman for insisting that a Gamestop cashier call her “ma’am” instead of “sir”, and calling non-binary folks “Attack Helicopters.”

Alia also commented on footage of Zendaya dressed up as Cinderella at the 2019 MET Gala, agreeing that the actress should have gone as Princess Tiana, and not Princess Cinderella.

Although there’s no evidence supporting the accusation, Alia might have allegedly used the N-word, but okay, let’s break down all the evidence that’s out there so far.

The YouTuber made fun of a trans woman in her 2019 video, “RUDE CUSTOMERS CAUGHT ON VIDEO Compilation”, which mostly showed Alia reacting to really rude customers who probably deserve to be blasted on the internet. However, Alia posted a video that showed footage of a trans woman yelling at a cashier who repeatedly calls her “sir” and made fun of her being upset.

This portion of video starts at the 6:10 minute mark and many fans felt that that was transphobic.

Watch the full compilation video


In a video, she called non-binary folks “Attack Helicopters” which is a transphobic meme that started from a 2014 Copypasta text that spread on Reddit and 4chan and was used to make fun of trans-identifying and non-binary people.

Click on the link so see what Alia said about non-binary people

In another video, she and one other YouTuber reacted to Zendaya’s 2019 MET Gala outfit, stating that they don’t like her blonde hair, and that she should have gone as Tiana, which is a very controversial thing to say about a Black person.

Just to be clear, Zendaya csn wear and be whatever she wants, because she is Zendaya. End of story.

The YouTube star hasn’t responded to the Twitter cancellation and for being called out for her comments, but is still very active on YouTube and IG. Most recently(November 5th), she uploaded a new video on YouTube called “School TikToks That Will Make Your Day Better”, and it already has over 600,000 views.

A few days ago, she posted a photo on IG of herself dressed up as Misa Amane from Death Note and captioned the photo with, “I’ve never related so much to a character, I love her v much.”

See the photo for yourself by clicking on the link:

It’s still unclear who the first person was to start SSSniperwolf’s cancelation, but hopefully the YouTube star reacts to the accusations and learns from her potentially really hurtful comments.


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