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Finally, Roman Atwood Revealed Why He Was Taking Such A Long Break From YouTube

Roman Atwood, a YouTube prankster and family guy, has consistently posted vlogs on his YouTube channel for almost a decade. In 2020, it has all changed.

For much of the year, Roman maintained almost complete radio silence on all of his social media pages, and fans were very worried about him and the well-being of his family.

Roman Atwood and his wife, Brittney Atwood
Roman Atwood and his wife, Brittney Atwood

On Aug. 18, 2020, Roman made a return to YouTube with a video entitled “We Will Never Recover” after a hiatus of almost eight months.

While Roman and his wife, Brittney, didn’t say anything in that video, they continued to sporadically vlog about their lives. In early January of 2021, they announced the birth of their son, Knox.

Finally, Roman disclosed why he remained off YouTube for the better part of a year in a video posted on Jan. 23. A stalker and the FBI are involved in the scary story.

What Happened To Roman Atwood Vlogs?

Since Roman didn’t reference the exact cause of his vlogging absence in August of 2020, some fans thought that he would never discuss what really happened.

“We still technically shouldn’t be posting,” Roman had said in his “We Will Never Recover” video. “There’s some absolute craziness happening behind the scenes in our lives.” He did clarify that the whole family was in good health, though. “We’re all healthy, all of us. As soon as we’re able to tell the story, you’ll be the first to know.”

Brittney also hinted at the reason for their absence. “Sorry it’s been so long,” she said. “There is a reason —”

“There’s a massive reason,” Roman interrupted his wife to say.

“We’re not getting to that yet, but we just wanna say hi and we love you and we miss you,” Brittney continued.

To the surprise of many viewers, he did remain true to his word. Roman and Brittney sat down to share how their break was unplanned and how it scared their family in “Forced Off YouTube — Full FBI Story.”

“We can’t have fun and be us without making this video,” Roman shared. “This is kind of like what we’ve been dying to make for a while. I’m dying to make this video, but we have to kind of relive what’s been going on.”

Roman And Brittney Said That They Had Stalkers And That They “Had To Leave” YouTube

Some of the intense specifics of what they had been witnessing during their extended break from the platform were then revealed by the YouTube pair.

“We’ve been dealing with some extremely scary stalkers,” Roman said in the “Forced Off YouTube” video.

The vlogger said the stalkers would call his phone “24/7” with harassing messages. He also said that the stalkers called in a bomb threat during the funeral of one of his family members

Through tears, Brittney said that the FBI had to be called.

Watch Roman and Brittney’s “Forced Off YouTube” video by clicking on the link below:

“The only thing we could do was shut down and make sure that our kids are safe,” Roman said about his decision to temporarily pull the plug on his hectic posting schedule.

After receiving death threats, the couple said that they had constant police surveillance outside of their home.

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