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Ozikoy Tries Imitating James Charles In Front Of His Dad

You must have heard of a Tik Tok user who goes by the nickname of Ozikoy
(https://www.tiktok.com/@ozikoy)! Well, if you haven’t, then this is the right time and the right place to make yourself familiar with Tik Tok’s latest discovery. Ozikoy, otherwise known as Khalil Yatim, is a 15-year-old influencer who recently blew up thanks to doing an impression of everyone’s favourite sister aka James Charles.

One Of His Most Viewed Tik Tok Masterpieces

The hilarious impression video was posted on Khalil’s Tik Tok channel yesterday (11.11.2020) and has been viewed more than over an impressive 8.4 million times since then. Where did the brilliant idea come from? The particular impression was suggested by one of Ozikoy’s followers. The creator himself knew he had to act fast to make this request into one of his most viral videos to date.

Khalil’s Dad Takes The Leading Role

In the video, the 15-year-old Tik Tok influencer is comfortably sitting in a vehicle and waiting for his dad (the star of the video) to appear. When his dad finally enters the car and takes a seat, Khalil initiates his more than just a hilarious impression. His dad seems confused at first but continues by making an irritated WTF sort of face that naturally becomes the highlight of the video.

The Fun Is Just About To Begin

Wait! That’s not all! Ozikoy continues despite his father’s distinctive reaction and receives a slap in the face! Yes, his dad full on slapped the popular influencer in the face! However, Khalil didn’t seem even slightly concerned about the fact as he has most certainly gotten used to his dad overreacting to his jokes.

Succeeding At Getting Charles’s Attention

Of course, Ozikoy had to take the opportunity and tag the Sister Squad’s main face AKA James Charles himself. It didn’t take very long for James to respond. He supplemented his response video by commenting:‘’#duet with @ozikoy waiting for the day someone on this app actually does a funny impression of me’’.

James Is Not Impressed To Say The Least

It’s pretty safe to say that Charles didn’t seem impressed. His face stayed the same through the whole video – no, no movement at all! Even Ozikoy’s followers were shocked with James’s reaction saying: ’’ Did you see his reaction? That dude can’t take a joke!’’

To see Charles’s reaction with your own eyes watch the below Tik Tok video.


#duet with @ozikoy waiting for the day someone on this app actually does a funny impression of me

♬ original sound – KOY

Oh, James, James, we must agree with the majority of the viewers! The video is indeed entertaining to look at!


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