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Ondreaz Lopez Exposed For Having Relations With A Minor

It’s been public for a while now that the ex Hype House member Tony Lopez (21) is being sued for sexual battery by two fifteen-year-old girls. But little did we know that both of the Lopez brothers might turn out to be as bad as each other. Turns out that Tony’s older brother Ondreaz Lopez (23) is currently going through the same thing. Screenshots of documents accusing Ondreaz of having sexual relations with a fourteen-year-old girl have surfaced online, and things aren’t playing out in Ondreaz’s favor. Keep on reading to learn more about the particular story!

Tony Lopez’s Big Brother Accused By A Fourteen Year Old

A video recording of the alleged victim’s and her mother’s phone conversation with Ondreaz Lopez appeared to be leaked on TikTok on the 26th of January. The clip showcases the woman calling Ondreaz out for his filthy actions and letting him know that those actions are punishable by law.

What we can tell from the clip is that the twenty-three-year-old TikToker acknowledges his acts were wrong. At one point in the conversation, he even agrees to meet up with the victim’s mother. Even though it’s unclear whether the meeting between the two sides has already taken place, Ondreaz’s attorney has been officially warned for the upcoming lawsuit.

The leaked clip of Ondreaz’ phone call with the fourteen-year-old girl’s mother can be viewed below:



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Screenshots Of Documents Sent To Ondreaz’s Girlfriend Hannah Stocking

Although the clip doesn’t exactly explain what are the actions Ondreaz is being accused of, screenshots of the legal document suggest that Lopez has allegedly engaged in sexual intercourse with the minor. Furthermore, the file has been passed on to Ondreaz’s girlfriend, Hannah Stocking (28) via Instagram.

A Tik Tok Account (@sainttbaby) Has Managed To Publish The Legal Document Online

For the time being, neither Lopez nor his girlfriend has attempted to address the issue yet. However, Hannah did clear out her Instagram feed of all pictures and videos related to her relationship with Ondreaz. The TikToker also uploaded a photo of her face covered in tears on her Instagram stories. Her upload could indicate how their once loving relationship is now suffering due to the allegations made against Ondreaz.

Hannah Stocking Was Spotted Crying On Her Instagram Stories On The 26th Of January

Fans Shocked And Feeling Totally Betrayed By Ondreaz

Meanwhile, Ondreaz’s TikTok account is being flooded with comments such as ‘We were rooting for you’ and ‘It turns out it runs in the family’. Lopez’s supporters are deeply disappointed with the latest discoveries regarding the subject and have expressed feeling totally betrayed by Ondreaz.

People are also super unhappy with how the rest of The Hype House collective keeps unknowingly supporting Tony and Ondreaz. The allegations towards both of them have been popping up across different social media platforms since the spring of 2020. However, none of The Hype House members has commented on the issue which makes the situation even more tense.

Here’s what else Ondreaz’s following had to say concerning the newfound allegations:
Ondreaz’s Fans Commenting Under One Of His Latest TikTok Posts

Has Hannah Stocking cut all ties with Ondreaz Lopez due to the allegations which have just now surfaced? And how long will The Hype House keep unknowingly defending both of the Lopez brothers? Have your say in the comments section!

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