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Noah Beck’s Calvin Klein Pictures Taken Down By Instagram

Noah Beck (19) is known for a variety of things including his mega-popular Tik Tok account which has accumulated a massive 24 million followers and 1.5 billion likes since joining the video-sharing platform over a year ago. Besides having an enormous influence on TikTok, Noah has recently embarked on his modeling career by joining Calvin Klein’s new men’s apparel campaign. Keep reading to find out more about Noah Beck’s modeling debut and the reasons why the online community isn’t too accepting of his choices.

Calvin Klein Welcomes Noah Beck As One Of Their Models

The social media personality announced his collaboration with one of the most recognizable American fashion brands, aka Calvin Klein via Instagram on the 19th of January. Beck posted a series of incredibly mouth-watering photos of him wearing the designer underwear and showing off his shredded six-pack. Attention, hot male model alert!

It’s worth noting that Beck is one of the first TikToker’s to ever star as the leading model of Calvin Klein’s worldwide campaigns. And although the big news of Noah shooting for Calvin Klein took over all social media platforms quite rapidly, the excitement was unfortunately short-lived.

P.S. In case you haven’t managed to lay your eyes on Noah’s newest masterpiece have a quick sneak peek below:


Noah Beck’s Newest Photos Literally Broke The Internet

Credit : @Just Jared

Beck’s New Photoshoot Is Way Too Hot For Instagram

Shortly afterwards Noah’s newest content was posted to his Instagram account (@noahbeck), the photos mysteriously disappeared into thin air and caused fans to speculate about Noah changing his mind about posting them in the first place. However, it was later on clarified by the influencer that the pictures were actually taken down by the platform.

The influencer released a statement via his Instagram stories to explain the situation that occurred with his photos. Beck said and we quote:’Y’all soft over at @instagram… stop taking my stuff down.’ He also added not being completely naked and expressed his incomprehension towards Instagram’s actions. See Noah Beck’s full statement below:


Noah Addressing The Issue Via His Instagram Stories

Credit : @noahbeck, Instagram

Twitter Users Ask Noah To Go Back To TikTok For Good

Noah’s latest photo shoot also managed to cause drama due to mixed fan opinions over on Twitter. People weren’t too accepting of Noah’s half-naked body, suggesting that these types of photos shouldn’t even be allowed for posting online. Thanks to all of the negative attention received on the platform, Beck’s name was also spotted on Twitter’s trending section at one point during the day.

Comments such as ‘Go back to your twelve-year-old fan base on TikTok and promote your stuff on there, lol’ and ‘Noah, please leave Twitter. Thank You,’ indicated the community’s disapproval of Beck’s collaboration with Calvin Klein. See what other online commentators had to say concerning the TikTok star’s half-naked body in all its glory on Twitter:


People Expressing Their Opinions Regarding Beck’s Photoshoot For Calvin Klein

Credit : @brokendaylights, @obviousbvca, Twitter

Are people overreacting regarding Noah’s modeling debut? And is his newest content way too explicit for his young and impressionable fan base? We’d like to hear what you think in our comments section!

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