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Nikita Dragun Addresses The Mold Found In Her Setting Spray

Nikita Dragun (24) is, without doubt, one of the most dramatic and problematic YouTube influencers of all time. Her name gets involved scandals all over social media regularly and this time, of course, is no exception. The beauty & lifestyle influencer is now being accused of selling her ‘Forever Fantasy’ setting spray with floating mould particles in it. What’s wrong with Dragun’s newest product release? And what has the social media personality got to say about the issue? Let’s dig a bit deeper, shall we?

A Smaller Beauty Influencer Points Out The Problem

The floating particles in Nikita’s freshly released setting spray were first brought up on Cohl Woolbright’s YouTube channel (@cohlsworld). Cohl is a twenty-one-year-old beauty influencer who has managed to accumulate a decent 150 thousand followers on his YouTube account and nearly 340 thousand fans on his Instagram profile.

Woolbright uploaded his video titled ‘Mold In My Setting Spray? Nikita Dragun’s Dragun Beauty Powder And Setting Spray Review’ on the 12th of January. In the video, Cohl spotted the mysterious particles floating inside the product as soon as he removed the outer packaging.


The Floating Bits Were Also Reported By Other People On Twitter

Credit : @defnoodles, Twitter

Cohl expressed his frustration by saying and we quote: ‘Guys, I’m not going to lie, it looks like mould! They’re like fuzzy. I don’t think I’m going to be using this, unfortunately, because I don’t know what these particles are. But they definitely aren’t looking sanitary.’

Cohl’s full review of Nikita’s ‘Forever Fantasy’ setting spray can be seen below:


The Flakes Were Also Present In Manny Mua’s PR Package

Despite everyone thinking that the moldy particles in Cohl’s setting spray were just an unfortunate coincidence, the situation escalated when twenty-nine-year-old beauty influencer Manny Mua experienced the same issue after receiving his PR package of Nikita’s freshly released powder and setting spray.

Manny’s video review included a few of the newest beauty releases including Nikita’s ‘Forever Fantasy’ setting spray. As soon as the YouTuber got until spraying the product on his face, he noticed the particles straight away. He even tried to shake the bottle to see if they would somehow disappear or dissolve. Needless to say, that didn’t quite happen!

Besides the issue with the floating flakes, Manny also pointed out the setting spray’s uncharacteristically strong scent by saying and we quote:’ It literally smells like a perfume. It smells like Nikita. OMG! It’s probably the strongest smelling setting spray I’ve ever smelled in my existence.’

Manny Mua’s thoughts on ‘Dragun Beautie’s’ newest releases can be seen below:


Nikita Addresses The Issue And Accuses People Of Being Overdramatic

Even though both of the previously mentioned reviews were published more than a week ago, the issue was only addressed by Nikita herself on the 19th of January via her Instagram stories. Dragun quickly denied that the floating particles in her setting spray were pieces of mould. She also added that a small batch of the particular product somehow malfunctioned and crystallized along the process.

On top of that, Nikita also spoke on Cohl Woolbright’s mould allegations saying and we quote:’ I love criticism because I want to learn and grow. However, those individuals, NOT even on my PR list, who intentionally go out of their way and try to be dramatic and rude to get views. That’s not how you gain success boo boo.’ Have a read through Nikita’s full statement regarding the moldy bits found in her setting spray below:


Nikita Dragun Addressing The Issue Via Her Instagram Stories

Credit : @nikitadragun, Instagram

The General Public Expresses Their Disappointment With Dragun Beauty

Although the founder of ‘Dragun Beauty’ specified that the influencers on her PR list were offered to get a replacement product, no apology was directed other people’s way, who had to purchase the product with their own money. This caused even more doubt regarding Nikita’s beauty line as her following then started to indicate that twenty-three dollars is quite a lot to pay for a questionable quality product.

Some online commentators even compared her product line with Jaclyn Hill’s (30) unsuccessful lipstick releases of 2019. Yikes! And that’s not all! It seems like the general public isn’t too keen on purchasing any follow up releases since finding out about the malfunctioning of Dragun’s setting spray. See what other people had to say regarding the latest ‘Dragun Beauty’ mishap below:


The Public Expressing Their Opinions On Nikita Dragun’s Beauty Line

Credit : @mannymua, YouTube

Is Nikita coming off as too arrogant in this situation, or is it just us? And is her beauty brand ‘Dragun Beauty’ overhyped by her following? Let us know in the comments below!

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