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Nikita Dragun And James Charles Call Out DaBaby For Dissing JoJo Siwa

Jonathan Lyndale Kirk (29), better known by his stage name DaBaby was recently called out for randomly dissing singer and social media personality JoJo Siwa (17) by calling her the B-word. As a result of this unnecessary name-calling, the online community is shaken and puzzled as to why the twenty-nine-year-old rapper would feel the need to offend a minor. The situation has got so heated that even such internet celebrities as James Charles (21) and Nikita Dragun (25) have stepped in to defend the always cheerful ‘Bop!’ singer.

Trending On Twitter After The Release Of His New Freestyle

Dababy’ newest song titled ‘Beatbox Freestyle’ was released on February 19th via his official YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2CCXzC56k0b8L49R_iW-Yw). Shortly after introducing his new hit to the world, the Carolina rapper’ name started trending on Twitter alongside seventeen-year-old JoJo Siwa. A weird combination, you might think? You’re not the only one!

Many people were puzzled why their names were simultaneously trending as both celebrities have never interacted in the public space. However, it turned out the situation has to do with the ‘Rockstar’ singer seemingly dissing Siwa during his brand new track.

It appeared that the rapper’ latest hit included DaBaby throwing the B-word JoJo Siwa’ way. Umm, we might need a detailed explanation for this one!

Dababy Calls JoJo Siwa The B-Word
Dababy Calls JoJo Siwa The B-Word

Called Out By James Charles And Nikita Dragun

DaBaby’ JoJo Siwa line confused loads of people, including a couple of well-known YouTube personalities such as James Charles and Nikita Dragun. Both expressed a level of frustration concerning the situation by tweeting the following:

James Charles Tweets In Defense Of Siwa
James Charles Tweets In Defense Of Siwa

James Charles, in particular, is known for having JoJo’ back on several occasions, so it’s no surprise that he chose to come for Siwa’ defence once again. However, little did he know that the rapper had entirely different intentions in mind.

Nikita Dragun Tweets In Defense Of Siwa
Nikita Dragun Tweets In Defense Of Siwa

DaBaby Explains Using Siwa’ Name As A Pun

Following the backlash he was receiving via Twitter during the weekend, DaBaby decided to clear the air by explaining, and we quote: ‘’ @itsjojosiwa My three-year-old princess is your number one fan. I bought her every product you have out. She think she you. Don’t let them trick you into thinking I’d ever have a problem with you. My wordplay just went over their heads.’’

JoJo Siwa Funny Twitter Meme
JoJo Siwa Funny Twitter Meme

As you can tell by DaBaby’ statement on Twitter, the rapper referred to the line as a pun for the phrase ‘Jonathan see why’. As for JoJo Siwa herself, the seventeen-year-old pop icon hasn’t replied to the situation as of yet. However, her following has engaged in creating funny Twitter memes concerning the alleged beef between the two Hollywood names.

Fans Hope DaBaby Knows Siwa Is Two Inches Taller Than Him

The whole JoJo Siwa and DaBaby alleged beef situation resulted in Twitter users joking around about how Siwa is nearly two inches taller than the Carolina rapper and could easily stomp on him if she wanted to.

JoJo Siwa Jumping On DaBaby
JoJo Siwa Jumping On DaBaby

Besides making fun of the situation, some people insisted DaBaby is a grown man and should think twice before naming a seventeen-year-old girl the B-word for a rhyme.

What do you think regarding DaBaby calling JoJo Siwa the B-word during his new freestyle ‘Beatbox’? Tell us in the comments section – we want your opinion!

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