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Nessa Barrett Comes Out As Bisexual On Social Media

Coming out on social media in front of millions of people? Yes, Nessa Barrett did just that! The 18-year-old Tik Tok star got everyone guessing after posting a mysterious clip on her account, where she appears to be sitting on the floor and lip syncing to the lyrics of ‘’Sweater Weather’’. The upload got everyone confused, and people started speculating over what the influencer is trying to tell them. And the news was, of course, groundbreaking! Turns out that Barrett identifies herself as bisexual! Who saw this one coming?

Taking A Break From Social Media

This year has definitely not been the best for the 18-year-old influencer, as it started with her taking a break from social media as a result of getting tons and tons of hate online. Nessa made a statement regarding her mental health saying, and we quote:’’My mental health does play a big part in how I’m feeling, but I’m learning how to get through it.’’ She also admitted to having been diagnosed as bipolar and struggling with anxiety-related issues for years. Hang on in there, girl! We got you!

Coming Out Of The Closet On Tik Tok

Despite the announcement of quitting all social media, Barrett has made a slow, but steady comeback, with her most recent Tik Toks hitting over more than 7.4 million views. She also surprised her fans with commenting the following under her mysterious lip syncing post:

Despite the announcement of quitting all social media

Wait, what? Yeah, that’s right! Nessa just came out as bisexual on Tik Tok! Although most of her following got really excited for the news and rushed over to the comment section to support Nessa’s decision, other people weren’t too impressed and referred to her past relationship with the former Sway House member Josh Richards. ‘’I mean she was probably feeling forced to come out as everyone was waiting on her and Josh’s reunion’’ – read one of the comments under Nessa’s Tik Tok post.

Welcomed By The Members Of The Bi Community

Barett’s coming out post received massive support and recognition over social media platforms like Tik Tok and Twitter. Her fans welcomed the influencer to the community and even named her as the queen of bi. The support wave also reached her Twitter account shortly after the announcement was made on Tik Tok.

The support wave also reached her Twitter account shortly after the announcement was made on Tik Tok.

Open To Dating Pretty Much Anyone?

Does Nessa’s latest announcement mean that she is more than open to date pretty much anyone regardless of their gender? Barret is yet to respond to the speculations made by fans that a reunion with Josh Richards is on the way. And that is not the only speculation circulating the internet. Rumours are going around that Nessa broke up with the former Sway House star only to find out if she had a chance with her fellow Tik Tok star Mads Lewis. Interesting!

Haven’t seen Nessa’s coming out video on Tik Tok? Rush over to one of her newest Tik Tok posts to see Barrett’s quirky way of announcing the exciting news to the public. A new bi queen has taken over the internet! We’re more than proud of you, girl!


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