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Malu Trevejo and Ryan Garcia Addresses Cheating Scandal

Singer Malu Trevejo is once again back in the headlines with more questionable behaviour. In a recent event, the social media star got in trouble after she threw herself an 18th birthday party at a Los Angeles mansion while ignoring the Covid-19 guidelines.

Merely hours after Malu turned 18, she created an OnlyFans account that resulted in leaked content, price increases, and accusations that she was scamming her fans.

Now, yet again the Instagram influencer is under fire after pictures surfaced on social media of her and boxer Ryan Garcia kissing in public. This is a big deal for social media users because Garcia isn’t exactly single at the moment and fans were quick to point that out and condemn them both.

Both Trevejo and Garcia addressed the cheating accusations with Trevejo stating that she never even knew about Ryan’s relationship status to begin with.

Trevejo and Garcia Was Spotted Kissing

Cuban-American singer Malu Trevejo and professional boxer Ryan Garcia was spotted together at the N10 Restaurant. The two of them went out for dinner with a group of friends, but as soon as they left the restaurant, Trevejo and Garcia can be seen having an intimate conversation and ended up kissing each other.


Leaked photos of Trevejo & Garcia kissing

Credit : USdayNEWS, Google

Under normal circumstances, this could have been a cute date night for the two rising stars, but Trevejo was misinformed about Garcia’s relationship status and as it turns out, Garcia isn’t actually single and their kiss caused a massive uproar on social media.

To make matters worse, the professional boxer has been engaged to his longtime girlfriend and fiancé Drea Celina for a while now, and to spice up the drama a little bit more, Drea is pregnant with Garcia’s child and is mere weeks away from giving birth to their child.


Drea Celina posing for Instagram photo

Credit : @dreacelina, Instagram

Not only is Garcia going to have a baby soon, this isn’t even his first. The professional boxer has another child, Rylie Garcia, with Catherine Gomez, although he and Gomez are definitely not together.

Ryan’s Baby Mama Calls Him Out For Cheating

Ryan’s second baby mama, Drea Celina, almost immediately exposed him for cheating on her as the photos of Garcia and Trevejo kissing leaked on social media.

Drea informed her 128, 000 followers that Garcia had lied to her and shared a screen grab of paparazzi shots of Ryan and Malu having an intimate moment together. Drea wrote that while she was visiting family, “[Ryan] tells Me he’s training hard for his fight. BUT IG SHOWS ME THIS. 7 weeks till I give birth and this piece of s–t stay being disgusting.”

Drea continued to call out Ryan for his bad behaviour and even stated that when it came to his first daughter with Catherine Gomez, “[Ryan] barely even see’s [sic] rylie…” and ended her post with a simple and straightforward message expressing her anger at her baby daddy saying, “@kingryang is a HORRIBLE EVIL HUMAN.”
That’s gotta hurt 😱.


Garcia preparing for his next fight

Credit : @kingryang, Instagram

Trevejo and Garcia’s Response To The Scandal

Hours after the scandal was roaming the internet, both Trevejo and Garcia took to their own social media to provide their sides of the story. Trevejo claims that she met up with Ryan “because he was a very nice guy” and stated that Ryan did tell her he had one child, but never mentioned being engaged with another baby on the way.

Trevejo also stated that she reached out to Garcia via text messages and asked him why he didn’t tell her about his engagement to Celina and he said, “because we’re on and off.”

On the other hand, Garcia explained his behaviour with the classic “we were on a break” excuse. Garcia took to his Instagram Stories to clarify his relationship status with Drea saying, “[Drea] and I aren’t engaged but we were still trying to fix our relationship.”

He then also stated in his Instagram Stories that he and Trevejo went to a restaurant as friends and then “got caught up in the moment but there isn’t anything there.”

Ryan ended the post by saying, “he’s not going to speak on this ever again.”


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