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Mads Lewis Furious About Jaden Hossler’s New Song About Their Breakup

The famous Sway House has seen many of its members leaving this year since the conception at the beginning of 2020, but most of the members who left have still remained good friends with others in the group’s inner circle.


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But that doesn’t seem to be the case for Jaden Hossler. Jaden left the Sway House group to focus on his music after he and Sway House ringleader Bryce Hall were arrested for the possession of marijuana while on a road trip.

Hossler tweeted after his departure, “music has saved my life, & I’m sure it has for many of you. with that, i have decided to dedicate my time & efforts to that side of my career. Josh[Richards] & I have decided to take a hiatus from sway.

But since Hossler’s departure, it seems that he has fallen out with some of his former friends, as quite a few influencers have unfollowed him on all social media platforms.

Who Unfollowed Hossler?

Some influencers Jaden once considered close friends are no longer vibing with him. According to the Instagram account @tiktokinsiders, Jaden was recently unfollowed by his former girlfriend, Mads Lewis, her sister Riley Lewis, and Quinton Griggs.

While Quinton was never technically a member of Sway House, he was often associated with its members, as he frequented the house and made TikTok videos with many of the members.

Cynthia Parker, Quinton’s current girlfriend has also unfollowed Jaden given that Quinton and Jaden no longer seemed to be friends. It makes sense that Cynthia unfollowed Jaden and stood by her boyfriend during the apparent feud.
Watch video of Jaden’s livestream song by clicking on the link:

Drama Between Jaden and Mads


Jaden Hossler In New Music Video

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For those not familiar with Jaden’s recent relationship drama, he and Mads have been dating on and off for the last year. They initially broke up in February after a couple of months together when rumours started circling around that Jaden cheated on Mads.

A couple of months later, the two of them seemed to be back together as they began posting content together again in July.

The two of them have yet again splitted up, and many fans think that Jaden’s most recent song “Tonight”, is about his relationship with Mads.

Fans deem that the lyrics of the sing isn’t friendly at all to their relationship, emplying they were, “holding on to nothing, and we’re holding on to tight.” In an addition to this song, @tiktokinsiders shared a snippet of another unreleased song Jaden is working on, which fans again thought was about Mads.

In a livestream video, Jaden can be seen singing about how he’s “wishing we never met,” and also referencing the dog he and Mads shared. Many fans believed that this was the last blow for Mads and the reason for her(and her sister’s) decision to unfollow him.

There are also rumours circling around that Quinton and Mads briefly dated each other while both of them were on a break from their own relationships, which could be the reason why Quinton and Cynthia unfollowed Jaden.


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