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Madi Monroe’ Hair Catches On Fire During A TikTok Video

Social star, dancer and ex ‘Not A Content House’ member seventeen-year-old Madi Monroe recently posted a TikTok video with her luscious blonde locks catching on fire! Yeah, that actually happened! What’s the dangerous TikTok lighter trend behind Madi’ newest video, and how is she feeling after the unfortunate accident? Continue reading to find out what happened!

Madi’ Clumsiness Causes Her Hair To Burn Off

Madi Monroe uploaded her take on the now infamous TikTok lighter trend on February 23d. The upload in question has already reached a massive 22.9 million views as Madi’ hair managed to catch fire at the very end of her now-viral clip.

Madi Monroe’ TikTok Fail
Madi Monroe’ TikTok Fail

Where did it all go so horribly wrong, you might be asking yourself? The TikTok star simply appeared to be holding the lighter too close to her locks which caused the fire to quickly travel right up to her right eyebrow. ‘’I’M OKAY. But this is actually so funny,’’ wrote the seventeen-year-old California based influencer.

In case you have missed Madi’ unfortunate hair catching on fire accident on your feed, view it before it reaches 30 million views on TikTok below :



⚠️IM OKAY⚠️ but this is actually so funny HAHA

♬ Burning Pile – Mother Mother

TikTok Community In Shock After Seeing Monroe’ Latest Upload

It’s pretty safe to say that the TikTok community, including influencers such as Mads Lewis (18), Malu Trevejo (18) and Brooklynne Webb (16), was in shock after seeing Madi’ terrible TikTok fail. See what the girls had to say concerning Monroe’ hair situation below:

Madi Monroe Comments Section
Madi Monroe Comments Section

Madi’ comments section was overflowing with fans worrying about the current state of the influencer’s hair, to which Madi replied as follows: ‘’ The funny thing is I had heat protector in my hair but also a bunch of products. I literally screamed. LOL.’’ A few people even indicated Monroe lit her hair up on purpose to attract more media attention.

Madi Monroe Comments Section
Madi Monroe Comments Section

David Dobrik And Madison Beer Take The Trend To The Next Level

Although it’s unclear who gave Madi the inspiration behind her now-viral TikTok fail, the same concept was spotted on one of Madison Beer’ TikTok videos. Madison’ clip surfaced on the internet nearly a week ago causing a huge debate about whether these types of actions are, in fact, encouraging her young fan base to go out of their way to act irresponsibly around fire.


☄️ @daviddobrik

♬ Burning Pile – Mother Mother

Madison’ take on the trend also featured the Slovak-born ‘Vlog Squad’ founder David Dobrik (24) as well as his five hundred dollar flamethrower gun. Luckily, neither of the participants got hurt – something we can’t assure when it comes to their camera equipment.

What are your thoughts on Madi Monroe’ tiny little mishap during the filming of the video in question? Is this particular trend perhaps a little bit too dangerous to be displayed in front of her mostly underaged TikTok audience? Let us know all your thoughts on this one in the comments section!

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