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Madi Monroe Cancelled Over Breaking The Stay At Home Order

The dangerous COVID-19 outbreak is far from over and with virus-related restrictions being as strict as ever, people are expecting influencers to set an example to others by obeying the rules and staying at home. But that, of course, is not the case. The most recent drama regarding breaking the stay at home order has caught up with a few well-known Tik Tokers including Madi Monroe (16) and her friends Charli D’Amelio (16) and Avani Gregg (18).

Taking A Minibreak To The Bahamas On A Private Jet

The sixteen-year-old Tik Tok influencer was spotted busting out some moves on her private jet on December 28th. As soon as Madi’s Tik Tok clip was posted, many of her followers took their concerns over to her comments section expressing their dissatisfaction with Madi’s decision to go on a trip during a global pandemic – https://www.tiktok.com/@madi/video/6911071233970883846.



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People were not happy with Monroe’s decision to maintain her always on the road lifestyle amid a healthcare crisis as most of the population is forced to stay at home and are struggling with not seeing their beloved family members.

People were not happy with Monroe’s decision

Criticized For Privileged Rich Girl Behaviour

Not long after Madi’s video was posted, it came to everyone’s attention that the influencer was allegedly taking a trip to the Bahamas to meet some of her closest friends including both of the D’Amelio sisters and Tik Toker Avani Gregg.

Madi even uploaded a picture of herself chilling in her jet on Instagram with the following caption ‘’ I’m on my way @bryant’’. The photo was later commented on by Lil Huddy AKA Chase Hudson, which led people to believe that he was also part of the trip.

Chase Hudson Replying To Madi Monroe’s Instagram Caption

After seeing her post, it was clear that Monroe was heading over to meet Bryant Eslava (@bryant) a popular fashion photographer who is known for his work with content creators and influencers.

This only managed to add more fuel to the fire as her followers then started labelling the influencer as ‘too privileged’’ and claiming that she is willing to risk everybody’s health in exchange for a few pretty photos with her friends.

Same Year, Same Trip, Same Offenders

Although the photographer himself uploaded a photo of a negative COVID-19 test result, the rest of the influencers who were allegedly having a gathering in the Bahamas didn’t even bother to address the situation.

Madi’s followers even pointed out that the social media personality took the same trip earlier this year without paying any attention to the worldwide coronavirus outbreak. See photo below:

Madi Monroe And Her Friends Enjoying The Bahamas Earlier This Year

The sequence of events then resulted into Madi’s account being flooded with comments such as ‘’They never learn, do they’’ and ‘’Waiting for the I tested negative excuse’’.

What do you think about famous Tik Toker’s regularly ignoring the lockdown rules? Should they be punished for taking their privileged lifestyles more seriously than the deadly coronavirus outbreak? Don’t be shy and express your opinion in the comments section!

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