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Lovely Peaches Is Back And More Disturbing Than Ever

Yes! The time has come when Brittany Johnson aka Lovely Peaches has decided to return to her social media platforms to keep shocking people with more and more disturbing video uploads. Why does she keep returning and what’s the full story behind the Lovely Peaches situation? You don’t want to miss out on all this Tik Tok tea!

Admitted To Mental Hospital After Threatening Charli D’Amelio

Brittany Johnson’s character of Lovely Peaches has been trolling Tik Tok and Instagram users for quite a long time by posting inappropriate comments and uploading disturbing content onto her social media. But the real drama started going down when Peaches (19) decided that it’s a good idea (NOT) to threaten Charli D’Amelio (16) to get some clout out of the situation. Peaches did not only troll the Tik Tok star in her comments section but also announced that she has hired a thirty-year-old man to do very inappropriate things with the young teenage creator. Although it’s still unclear whether Brittany was serious about actually attacking Charli, she did make remarks about trying to get her location so the hired assaulter would be able to hunt her down. The situation got very disturbing, and Peaches was even admitted to a mental hospital to take care of her mental state. Girl, those issues need to be looked at ASAP!



♬ anime characters saying baka – oh hey 🙂

She’s Back And Worse Than Ever Before

After Johnson was released from the mental institution, people noticed that her once deactivated Instagram and Tik Tok accounts are now active again. To everyone’s surprise, Peaches hadn’t changed her disgustingly wrong ways at all as she kept posting blatantly disrespectful videos of her twerking in public in front of innocent minors. On top of that people are still very concerned about her daughter’s Cora Miracle’s wellbeing as she has not been spotted in any of Peaches latest video uploads. Peaches allegedly lost custody over Cora earlier this year only to regain it again a few months later. The Lovely Peaches situation has been messy right from the start, but everyone’s main concern has always been her daughter’s safety and wellbeing.

After Threatening Charli D’Amelio

Still Supported By Her Followers

Despite the disturbing stuff that Brittany Johnson has said and done in the past some individuals still keep supporting her by posting encouraging comments next to her social media uploads. Phrases like ‘’Go Queen’’, ‘’We Support Peaches’’ and ‘’Who Likes Charli D’Amelio Anyway’’ can be found all over her comments section. Other social media users are very confused as to why Tik Tok and Instagram have reactivated Peaches accounts once again. We can all agree on one thing, Lovely Peaches knows no boundaries whatsoever!

Is there anything that can keep the persona behind the name of Lovely Peaches away from posting disturbing stuff on the internet? And why do people still keep supporting her? Make sure to leave a comment! We’d love to know your opinion!

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