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Loren Gray’s Jewelry Collection Is Inspired By Hollywood Icons And Her “Angels”

Loren Gray, a singer and social media influencer is adding another title to her name: Jewelry designer.

The TikTok star is only 18-years-old and has spent the last year developing her own jewelry brand called &always to empower her fans and community.

Loren’s jewelry line will drop on Dec. 3rd on her website and prices will range between $16 to $44, it will feature a core collection that pays homage to the Old Hollywood starlets with a vanity mirror shape followed by new editions, which will each have their own unique style.

In an interview, Loren opened up about what inspired her to develop the jewelry brand, her favorite go-to pieces of her collection, and her plans on expanding her brand.

Loren’s &always Core Collection’s Key Element Is The Starlet Mirror


Loren Gray during a photoshoot for her IG feed

Credit : @loren, Instagram

Loren turned to ’50s icon Marilyn Monroe and used her experience of moving to Hollywood at a young age for inspiration when she designed her core collection.

Loren said of the vintage mirror shape seen on several pieces of her collection, “Mirrors have always been an insecurity for a lot of people, and me personally, so I wanted to sort of transform it into something more empowering and a symbol of confidence.

Loren also designed her first edition, the Otherworld Edition, along-side with the core collection. The Otherworld Edition’s inspiration came from Loren’s “Angels” and her love for Retro Futurism art, a proud Pinterest find.

Loren explained, “I’ve always loved Jewelry and I feel like it was kind of an untapped market. It was something I wanted to learn more about and I wanted to create something meaningful for my fans and for the community.

Loren is constantly involved during the development process from beginning to end, making sure that even the smallest of details, including the packaging, met her standards.

All items in the collection that can be purchased will come in a lavender pouch that resembles a vintage coin purse and as for the packaging, it’s 100 percent recyclable and reusable.

Loren added during the interview, “It’s been a long time coming and I’ve been super involved in everything. This is a great way to start, and we’re coming out with a bang. It’s my brand and I’m really excited for everyone to get it.

The Starry Hair Clips And The &always Beaded Bracelets Are Loren’s Go-To Pieces

Loren shared a few of her go-to pieces that are perfect for everyday use, IF you’re not yet sure where to start when it comes to shopping the collection.

Along with the core collection’s linked necklaces with the signature Starlet mirror design, Loren suggested that fans should try out the hair clips from her Otherworld Edition and the beaded bracelets, which look great together.

A few of Loren's &always jewelry pieces

And if fans are in need of some stocking stuffers, &always will have a gift box perfect for the holidays that includes 4 pieces for $75 in the lavender packaging and jewelry tin.

In a way, Loren’s jewelry collection came at the perfect time, who, like everyone else, was stuck at home during the quarantine.

Loren shared during the interview, “It’s been the best thing for me to just stay sane. I feel like this is a good time to really be passionate about things… because life isn’t really getting in the way because there’s nothing happening. It’s been a really good time for getting things done.”

A few of Loren's &always jewelry pieces

So, What’s Next For Loren You Might Ask?

Along with Loren’s new jewelry line and voice acting, she’s hoping to release new music before the end of the year and is also busy filming a new reality show for Snapchat.

Loren’s &always jewelry brand is just her first step into creating her very own fashion empire.

She said, “I thought of my fans throughout the process. It’s affordable, cute and there’s something for everyone… just something to make my fans feel good and to connect us.”

Click on the link to go check out Loren’s &always debut collection when the items are available to be purchased on Dec. 3rd: https://andalways.co/


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