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Looks Like TikTok Stars Alex Guzman and Carlos Mena Are Mates Again

Among the influencers in the TikTok community, there’s always a lot of drama going on, but it’s rare for two former best friends to air their problems online.

On TikTok and on Instagram, teenagers Alex Guzman and Carlos Mena both rose to fame. Together, they often posted content that demonstrated their friendship. For some time, their relationship soured, but the two now claim that they are on good terms.

What is going on with the feud between Alex Guzman and Carlos Mena?

Why Did Alex Guzman And Carlos Mena Have a feud?

When Alex posted a cryptic tweet on Dec. 14th, the drama first began, suggesting that he was having problems with a close friend. He wrote, “Damn it really b the ones that u consider family.”

Fans noticed later that on Instagram the two had unfollowed each other.

Meanwhile, on Twitter and via his Instagram posts, Carlos even seemed to call someone out. “YOU IN MY BUSINESS ??? don’t do dat,” he wrote on Dec. 14th.

Carlos accused someone of spreading lies about him in his Instagram stories. “Damn… imagine believing some s–t that ain’t even true,” Carlos wrote, over a photo of himself laughing. “That’s tuff.”

Although in his initial tweet, Alex did not name anyone, he soon made it clear who he was talking about the next day.

“Maaaaan I’m fr [for real] tired of childish behavior, instead of making TikToks how bout u unblock me & let’s handle it fr,” Alex wrote on Dec. 15, before tagging Carlos’ Twitter handle.

In terms of context, since 2018, Carlos has been in a relationship with Destiny Marie (her last name is Salazar). For quite some time, Alex has been friends with both Carlos and Des.


Carlos Mena took a selfie of himself for his IG feed

Credit : @carlosmena, Instagram

Though the two kept the source of their drama a secret, Carlos later accused Alex of interfering in his relationship with Destiny.

“Childish behavior?” Carlos tweeted, in response to Alex’s previous post. “You texted my girl s–t that’s not even true.. You’re all up in my business, your a– is blocked for a reason.”

See the Twitter messages between Alex and Carlos by clicking on the link below:

What exactly Alex said to Destiny is unclear, but it must have been successful. Destiny no longer supports her longtime beau on Instagram at this time.

However, their drama was far from over. Alex went on to post a screenshot of the text messages that he and Carlos allegedly exchanged.

According to the screenshot, Carlos texted “Bro” and “LMAOO” to Alex. When Alex replied, “what happen,” Carlos responded, “My ex just texted me.” He then added, “Call me ASAP foo.”

Alex captioned the exchange, “this you?”

Instead of leaving their drama in 2020, after the new year, Alex and Carlos reignited their drama. Carlos and Alex got into a physical altercation, according to the Instagram Shade account, @TikTokRoom. Though the account covered the action with an emoji, it was partially recorded.

Their altercation came after the two went live on Instagram to antagonize one other. Both decided to meet up at the end of their livestream, so they could air their drama face-to-face.

Carlos once again took to Twitter to discuss the topic after the fight.

“The truth comes out eventually,” Carlos tweeted on Jan. 6th.

Soon after, however, things improved offline.

Alex and Carlos have confirmed that they have officially squashed their beef after more than a month of tweets and direct altercations.

“We handled stuff off social media just like y’all wanted so we could move forward and make s–t work for you guys lol. We’ve all been friends for so long & we all just wanna move forward,” Alex wrote in an Instagram comment, per @TikTokRoom.

Fans also noticed that soon after they resolved their problems, the two were hanging out (possibly with Des).

Have Des And Carlos Mena Split Up?

While things with Alex were resolved, Carlos’ relationship status remains uncertain. Destiny referred to the drama between Carlos and Alex on Dec. 14, and she lamented how she was “put in the middle.”


Selfie taken of Alex Guzman for his IG feed

Credit :@blesiv, Instagram

“I’m always being put in the middle of things…” she wrote. “lmao I don’t even know what to believe.” After Alex shared his text messages with Carlos, Destiny tweeted that she wasn’t going to get involved. “I just sit back and observe,” she tweeted on Dec. 15th.

She then retweeted two posts about respect and getting her feelings hurt. One read, “I automatically go silent when I hear something that hurt my feelings,” and the other stated, “Me losing respect for you is worse than me being mad at u.”

Des’ friend and fellow influencer, Samantha Partida, posted her thoughts on the matter as well.

“Bro, how you gonna fumble the baddest b—h?!” she tweeted. “SMH.”

Des replied, “This.” to her friend’s post.

The two have not shared an update on their relationship, but Carlos still has a 2019 tweet about Des pinned on his account.

It reads, “I’m obsessed with [Des].”

Though Alex and Carlos are back on friendly terms, it remains to be seen if the same can be said for Des and Carlos

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